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Biden Does NOT need a BILL to close the border
He only needs a PEN. Thats all he needed to open it.
Thats all he needed to close it. Thats all Trump needed.
Maybe this is just Proof Trump is better than Biden.

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Author Topic: Best ISIS Recruiting Video Ever!  (Read 8804 times)
« Reply #36 on: 03 20, 15, 11:37:19:AM » Reply

looks like caserio has got your panties in a twist, ISIS

I didn't even know ISIS wore panties.
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« Reply #37 on: 03 20, 15, 03:39:10:PM » Reply

knowing what isis wears didn't even make the list of things caserio wants to know
« Reply #38 on: 03 20, 15, 04:43:21:PM » Reply

You foolish Heretics!!!

« Reply #39 on: 03 20, 15, 08:30:07:PM » Reply

The head ISIS wife tells the two new ISIS wives that they have to paint their room without getting any paint on their clothes.

So the one wife says to the other, "Hey, let's take all our clothes off, fold them up, and lock the door." So they do this, and begin painting their room.

Soon they hear a knock at the door. They ask, "Who is it?" "Blind man!"

The wives look at each other, then one wife says, "He's blind, he can't see. What could it hurt." They let him in.

The blind man walks in and says,
"Hey, nice boobs. Where do you want me to hang the blinds?"
« Reply #40 on: 03 21, 15, 07:15:56:PM » Reply


Here is a riddle for the true intellectual…. like ISIS.

Try to come up with the answer on your own.
However, the answer is at the bottom for those who are unable to think this one through.

Don't scroll down unless you really can't come up with the answer.

Here's the riddle:
At the exact same time, there are two 35-year-old men on opposite sides of the earth.

One is walking a tight rope between two skyscrapers at the 85th floor.

The other is getting oral sex from an 85-year-old toothless woman.

They are both thinking the exact same thing... what is it?

Don't look down.

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« Reply #41 on: 03 30, 15, 07:50:51:AM » Reply

to Caid_al_Habib

what is this "boobs"?

You drooling heathens with stories about women with no clothes on them,
 imagining that is making me very nervous!

And it looks like you are trying to insult our wives too -
if I find out later that this is true I will return with a very rude retort, you Scum off a Dog!

and worse than that too!

PS: your name translates to 'one who pokes sheep"

I do not want to know why!!!
« Reply #42 on: 04 11, 15, 06:38:17:AM » Reply

So one night an ISIS fighter walked up to a doctor's house and rang the doorbell
- the doctor came to the door and said "What is it, young man?'

"Well, Doctor, I need help," the fighter said.

"I think I'm turning into a moth."

The doctor took a step back, looked the fighter up and down and said
"You certainly DO need help -
you need to see a specialist, but I'm a medical doctor, not a psychiatrist. Why did you come to me?"

"Well," said the fighter, pointing up with his finger; "your light was on."
« Reply #43 on: 04 13, 15, 02:08:01:PM » Reply

An Engineer had been unemployed for a long time, so being an engineer he decided to make a job -
he opened a clinic and put a sign up outside:
"MEDICAL CLINIC. Get your medical problem successfully treated for $500, guaranteed.
If not treated successfully get back $1,000."

One crafty ISIS fighter, Omar Asswappa, thinks this is a good opportunity to earn $1,000
so he goes to the Engineer's clinic.

The Engineer asked "Mr. Asswappa, what is your medical problem?"

Asswappa: "I have lost all of the taste in my mouth, the ability to taste anything.
I cannot enjoy my supper, I am in such distress!."

Engineer: "Nurse, please bring medicine from box 22 and put 3 drops in
the patient's mouth."

The nurse does so, Asswappa gags and exclaims: "That is gasoline!"

Engineer: "Congratulations! You've got your taste back. That will be $500."

Asswappa gets annoyed and goes back after a couple of days to
recover his money.

Asswappa: "I have lost my memory, I cannot remember anything, not even my name.
Who the hell are you, anyway? Why am I here?....what..."

Engineer: "Nurse, please bring medicine from box 22 and put 3 drops in
the patient's mouth."

The nurse does so and Asswappa leaps to his feet and shouts:
"That is gasoline too! The same as before, you swindler!"

Engineer: "Congratulations! You've got your memory back. That will be $500."

Asswappa angrily pays again and comes back after several more days with a much better plan.

Asswappa: "Is that you? Now I'm losing my eyesight! I can barely see at all,
I fear I've gone blind! It must have been your gasoline medicine! I'm going to sue!!"

Engineer: "Well, I'm afraid I can't help you;
I don't have any medicine for this. Here, take this $1,000 and my apologies."

Asswappa: "But this is only $500..."

Engineer: "Congratulations! You got your vision back! That will be $500."

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« Reply #44 on: 05 08, 15, 07:39:33:AM » Reply

OK, all of you guys.. I know THINGS about you
- all of you including YOU, ISIS

Here is a list of five THINGS I KNOW about YOU:

1. You're reading this right now.

2. You're starting to think that this list is going to be silly and stupid.

4 This list IS going to be silly and stupid, yet you're still reading this.

5. You think this list might start to get funny so you're still reading this.

6. It's not really funny, it's silly and stupid and you're still reading this.

7. You didn't notice that I skipped No.3

8. Now you're checking.

9. Now you're smiling and still reading this even though it's obviously going to continue to be silly and stupid.

10.You didn't notice that there are more than five things on this list.

11. Now you're checking.

12. You enjoyed reading this even though it was silly and stupid.
« Reply #45 on: 05 17, 15, 06:41:57:PM » Reply

Now you Americans must listen to this warning!

These air strikes and commando raids may seem funny to you,

but to us they are VERY ANNOYING!

Take this seriously because I can't post here too often because my favorite internet cafe was blown up by an Infidel Drone and now I have to use this Pakistani guy's smartphone which is really a stupd phone because it only has 2G.

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