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"Its interesting to see a Party that claims to be protecting Democracy trying
so hard to get the opposition OFF the Ballot so that Democracy is thwarted.
If you want to see real Election interference ...YOU GOT IT !"

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Author Topic: Best ISIS Recruiting Video Ever!  (Read 8667 times)
« Reply #24 on: 03 06, 15, 04:11:19:PM » Reply

You have CIA lies in your mouth!!

I once seen your Gerber Baby food in jars with a picture of the baby inside on the outside!!

you have an insane country!!@!@
Sr. Member

Posts: 89405

« Reply #25 on: 03 06, 15, 06:09:56:PM » Reply

it's not babies it's baby

just one baby

therefore even a madrassas student would know that one baby would never fill

all those jars

it is what we entrepeneurs call an eye catcher

you know

who doesn't like babies ?
« Reply #26 on: 03 08, 15, 08:31:47:AM » Reply

So you admit that there is more than one babies in Baby Food!!!!! and you brag about it!!!!!


and you uses "eye-catchers" -

it must be a fiendish device if there ever was one!!!!!!!! I cringe thinking about it!!!!

tell me Infidel, does babies taste just like chicken?Huh?

you are NASTY!!!!
Sr. Member

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« Reply #27 on: 03 08, 15, 11:06:09:AM » Reply

oh I get it

yer stupid

you can't read

even numbers mystify you
« Reply #28 on: 03 08, 15, 03:05:13:PM » Reply

I think you try to insult me but you cannot you are too much a pervert who eats horrid things.

Hell awaits you!

You can hasten your way there by eating more cats or I can help you

beheading is a good way

I thought it might be very painful but just the other day I was beheading an Infidel American and he looked at me in the middle of it and said "hey, dude, this isn't as bad as I heard it was."

I said "shut up and don't call me dude, Infidel!" and he shrugged and I cut off his head.

Now you think you can insult me?


Your mother eats cats too!

Let that sink in!!!
Sr. Member

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« Reply #29 on: 03 08, 15, 03:30:01:PM » Reply

an honest factual diagnosis cannot be an insult
« Reply #30 on: 03 08, 15, 06:27:17:PM » Reply

then you are not insulted when i tell you that your cat-eating and baby-eating and the other disgusting Infidel habits are going to go not well for you!!!
Sr. Member

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« Reply #31 on: 03 09, 15, 05:21:42:PM » Reply


what is actually not going well for me is an attempt to civilize you

too bad too,  you do seem able to spell some words
« Reply #32 on: 03 12, 15, 09:13:43:AM » Reply

We have NEW civilization!!! I will teach YOU, Infidel!!

I would explain more but I am so tired this evening because we have been rehearing all day for a new video

Mustafa the ISIS choreographer makes us march and do quick-step formations for hours and hours
- as if he's on Broadway with that red scarf he wears around his neck and playing those old 1980s dance songs - personally I think he's light in his sandals if you know what I mean.

So I will continue to try to convert you but later when I'm not so sleepy.
« Reply #33 on: 03 14, 15, 07:54:24:AM » Reply

you know, just the other day I was talking to God about ISIS and various other things

he's actually easy to talk to, and surprisingly well-informed.

For instance, he knows not only this weeks'top-ten songs in every country on the planet, he also knows next weeks' top ten - in advance.

And he has an opinion on everything too - TV, for example.. he thinks "Revenge" went on a season too long and that Fox cancelled the X-Files too soon [he blames Duchovny for that, actually - too ambitious with his wanting to make movies instead of TV shows].

He told some great jokes, too, but I was laughing so much I can't remember any of them.

He even laughed a little at a couple of mine...had a great conversation!

But I had trouble talking to God over one minor matter -

he sneezed, and I didn't know what to say.

Sr. Member

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« Reply #34 on: 03 16, 15, 06:19:47:PM » Reply


at least yer record is intact
« Reply #35 on: 03 18, 15, 07:16:52:AM » Reply

Who is this heretic claiming to talk with Allah?

At least caserio does not seem to make fun of Allah!!!

Unless he's doing it without me noticing!!!!

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