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05 28, 22, 11:27:16:PM

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Gee, I'm actually starting to feel sorry for the Left.
They just lost ONE of their HUNDREDS of propaganda
platforms, giving the Right an advantage of ONE.

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As expected the first thing democrats do is go after the law abiding dont-blameme 0 1 Last post Today at 11:19:33 PM
When you have kids as young as 11 threating to kill a classmate then dont-blameme 0 4 Last post Today at 11:05:03 PM
Barred From Receiving Holy Communion zsq987 10 34 Last post Today at 10:59:02 PM
LibTards «12» WWV10MHZ 14 45 Last post Today at 10:55:12 PM
Dem-Commies/LibTards/Leftists/LBTG Love To Kill Babies & Ban Guns zsq987 1 1 Last post Today at 10:33:52 PM
Pedo-Joe's New Press Sec'y Is A Total Buffoon!!! WWV10MHZ 7 28 Last post Today at 10:31:46 PM
Hold Onto Your Wallets, Biden Economy Is A DISASTER!!! «123» zsq987 31 56 Last post Today at 10:30:44 PM
DJIA goes straight down under AP Biden «12...223224» Dan 2,687 17,133 Last post Today at 10:28:46 PM
Mass shooter stopped dead before he could kill anyone chuck_curtis 6 13 Last post Today at 10:26:00 PM
Texas Republicans loosened gun laws and slashed mental health funding «12» wvit1001 15 31 Last post Today at 09:55:58 PM
What Beto O'Jerk Did To Dishonor The Dead Kids Was Unconscionable!!! «12» zsq987 15 34 Last post Today at 09:50:14 PM
Texas Working on New School Safety Program... Truman62 0 2 Last post Today at 09:46:20 PM
firearms industry messaging fuels our epidemic of gun violence wvit1001 3 7 Last post Today at 09:33:23 PM
FBI Deep State Goons Are On The Verge Of Perjury Indictments!!! «12» zsq987 13 36 Last post Today at 09:26:07 PM
Yes, a brain dead democrat calls for a ban on what Americans don't own dont-blameme 1 6 Last post Today at 09:07:54 PM
Texas Drops The Hammer On Biden's Idiotic Policy zsq987 1 3 Last post Today at 08:37:33 PM
School Safety Blunders zsq987 9 29 Last post Today at 08:36:00 PM
This Could Be Hillary's Waterloo «12» zsq987 15 49 Last post Today at 08:32:43 PM
Enormous Stacey Abrams Caught In A Lie As Big As She Is!!! «12» WWV10MHZ 18 58 Last post Today at 08:27:48 PM
Gas Prices «12» WWV10MHZ 12 25 Last post Today at 08:23:11 PM
In broad daylight, in a public place, with witnesses watching, with «12» warrenpees 21 104 Last post Today at 08:22:30 PM
Georgia Probe Of Trump's Demand To 'Find' Him Votes Expands: wvit1001 2 3 Last post Today at 08:21:37 PM
Police news conference in Uvalde leaves ‘gaps and confusion’ Jw2 1 1 Last post Today at 08:15:11 PM
AR facts don't seem right anyone know ? «12» BOBRI123 18 39 Last post Today at 08:11:03 PM
Woman with a gun is a hero today chuck_curtis 0 2 Last post Today at 08:04:38 PM
School Shooting Parents: Stop Focusing on Gun Control «12» Local5th 15 34 Last post Today at 08:01:09 PM
The US ‘Has the Most Mass Shootings’—and Other Bogus Gun Research D2D 6 20 Last post Today at 07:56:39 PM
US Forest Service to blame for Mexico's largest forest fire chuck_curtis 0 3 Last post Today at 07:50:32 PM
All mass shooters have one thing in common they pick soft targets! dont-blameme 3 14 Last post Today at 06:38:55 PM
Cruz: Dems Blocked My Legislation to Harden Schools! «12» D2D 12 25 Last post Today at 06:14:10 PM
No gun free zone results in lives saved! D2D 0 1 Last post Today at 06:07:10 PM
A question for the boards left wing democrats. dont-blameme 1 8 Last post Today at 05:43:12 PM
Sex with students fights white supremacy! D2D 2 8 Last post Today at 05:26:29 PM
More proof the FBI is corrupt! D2D 1 3 Last post Today at 05:05:20 PM
Maker of gun used in Uvalde shooting long known for ‘incendiary’ ads Jw2 8 15 Last post Today at 05:01:03 PM
LMAO! Punk ass Beto... «12» lakitss 13 36 Last post Today at 05:00:40 PM
Here’s the gun control bill Steve Kerr called on Senate to pass «12» Jw2 12 33 Last post Today at 04:28:21 PM
Which Senators Have Taken the Most NRA Money? «12» Jw2 15 38 Last post Today at 04:05:20 PM
Texas "Good Guys with Guns" are Cowards Jw2 11 23 Last post Today at 04:02:12 PM
Isn't it sad how democrats will shed fake tears «12» dont-blameme 16 49 Last post Today at 04:00:00 PM
Daily Beast corrects fake news and apologizes chuck_curtis 2 7 Last post Today at 03:59:34 PM
Fuhrer Trump wants to kill people and see people dead Jw2 5 12 Last post Today at 03:41:23 PM
Lee Greenwood on Fox News... Jw2 1 1 Last post Today at 03:37:47 PM
To serve and protect? wvit1001 2 5 Last post Today at 03:28:18 PM
“Thoughts and prayers.” wvit1001 6 16 Last post Today at 01:32:02 PM
Girl told 911 ‘send the police now’ as cops waited Jw2 0 1 Last post Today at 01:20:23 PM
FACT CHECK: NRA speakers distort gun and crime statistics Jw2 1 2 Last post Today at 01:17:13 PM
Americans Continue to Spend Jw2 7 22 Last post Today at 12:50:46 PM
Monkey Pox ? BOBRI123 0 1 Last post Today at 12:49:26 PM
Holiday week end ? BOBRI123 0 0 Last post Today at 12:24:56 PM
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