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06 16, 24, 11:29:23:PM

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Not only has Joe Buden allowed Rapists, Murderers, and current criminals
(along with 30 plus Million Illegals) unlawfully crossing our Border, but
he's also allowed at minimum 8 known TERRORISTS to come in to attack us.
Is THIS what Democrats call "Democracy" or "America?"

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Author Topic: Plain and simple questions  (Read 4338 times)
When someone claims to have an Open Mind they are soon shocked, dismayed, and offended that there actually are other views.
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What would they do without Anecdotals or Snark

« on: 03 05, 10, 10:17:52:PM » Reply

1. Do we trash it or restore?
2. Is it worth saving?
3. What did it once look like?
4. How do you save it?



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« Reply #1 on: 03 05, 10, 10:42:44:PM » Reply

Makes your stomach do flip flops when you think back to your childhood. Your rights as a kid was about as far as your mom let your go...or until your dad got home. Yes we had our mouths slapped for "fresh remarks" and our asses beat for disobedience. None of us were abused, but we knew better than back talk any adult and with those in authority is was ALWAYS, "yes sir or mam no sir" no yea or idk shrug your shoulders when given a direct question...ha...not in my home you didn't do that.
Anne Oakley guns, Daniel Boone hats, John Wayne riding across the screen...all were American Heroes and we all knew it. Thinking of those in the media nowadays...who come close to any of these people and what they did or do for this Country? Our soldiers are about the only real heroes we have any longer and even they are being torn apart by our own government! Trying the SEALS for doing their job? OMG!
What I see on this board and others is a total loss of reality, total arrogance of what people think that they are entitled to. Stupidity to think that wars and terrorist are brought on by America, when it is the constant drum beat of lies fed to our kids in school and repeated daily in the newsprint (people stopped reading) TV news people stopped watching and ended up make 1 station number ONE in America...and yet these fools still think the problem is America when it is those that we have allowed to slither into power unchallenged. Now these same slime balls tell AMERICA we don't care what the majority of you want this is what WE KNOW YOU SHOULD HAVE, IT IS YOUR RIGHT.
Attack Palin, her downs syndrome child, her illegitimate grandson because abortion to remove them was not used. Tear her apart because she can shoot a GUN! OMG! Glen Beck speaks the truth, and Obamanantion plans coffee parties to fight the truth people and so many have turned off so many things that they are missing what is going on.
The joke of waking up and finding yourself dead isn't so funny any longer. Walk away from morals, walk away from dicipline walk away from personal responsibility and you have nothing to show for your hard work (provided you were the worker bee and not the welfare bee)
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never look back you're past may be catching up

« Reply #2 on: 03 06, 10, 02:50:44:AM » Reply

Couldn't say it any better myself JToop
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Obama shit on Blacks, They are Arab toilets.

« Reply #3 on: 03 06, 10, 04:18:23:AM » Reply

Needs to be posted to every troll

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Democrats are all Communists

« Reply #4 on: 03 06, 10, 06:47:53:AM » Reply

Yes Elizabeth, there is Evil in the world, this evil is all around you whether you care to admit it or not. It wears many disguises, it can be a teacher, a preacher, a policeman , a neighbor and yes even a candle stick maker. There are whole groups of people that are evil , like Progressives, Nazis, Communists, Socialists, Muslim Fascists and many many more. None will admit to being Evil because they don't think they are, that is why they will always be and never really change.
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« Reply #5 on: 03 06, 10, 09:05:43:AM » Reply

Jim... I enjoyed this tape of Beck and appreciated the fact that he cared about something that most folks ignore...
I too love antiques and right now as I speak I have a basement filled with wonderful history.. I am restoring to it's originality....kinda fun... and I also let the kids around here appreicate it too by helping me... they say they love it or it could be the pocket change I give them... but when it's finished that's when we are rewarded...
but those are just things....
America's philosophy is the strong survives but our religion teaching us we are our brother's keepers... Now what does that mean?  What a conflict?
If all things are equal... and we both know it is not...(hope we're on the same page on that one)
Women had to fight for rights and Blacks had to fight for civil rights to be treated by the status quo in order to survive...
But who are they asking for these rights that are so God given..... the status quo thats who...
Who are they, the status quo... the majority.......
Times are changing where as the status quo changes and so does the mindset if you will of those who are able to change a mind...
After all the Nazi's recruits a lot of folks to change their minds...and surely other groups also... but why?  When we are our brothers keepers...   yet we fight against that...
Where ever we go there will be some folks that try to take advantage of the system of things by lying, cheating and stealing...but that's the world we live in.... if folks would take the same passion to monitor the liar and cheats if would be a better world.... don't you think...
Or is that what Beck is trying to do?
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« Reply #6 on: 03 06, 10, 09:42:38:AM » Reply

I think the point is that the status quo would prefer the minority STFU. All to often (women's and minority rights aside) the minority dictates policy. Some group of whiny fucks go on a rampage and our legislators write up bills the majority is not for at all. Case in point is the numerous gun laws that are being challenged because the status quo is done being silent.
Most Americans do not subscribe to any ideology one way or the other. They simply adhere to constitutional values and in fact, God's laws. They rarely scream and piss and moan, they just go about their business. Thing is, their tolerance level is being tested a bit too much these days. I liken it to walking past a fire ant mound as opposed to stepping on it. The latter being done presently. There is a saying "fuck around, fuck around". For too long these minority ideologues have gotten away with this shit and now they go too far. Sorry guys we have had enough and tuff shit if you don't like it. We are the status quo after all and we are bigger than you.
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« Reply #7 on: 03 06, 10, 01:03:03:PM » Reply

Actually it is not the governments job to be our brothers keeper. It is our job to help others, the same as it is our job to raise our children in an honorable and moral manner. None of these things belong to a government to do, it is a call for US as people to do what is taught in the Bible and other good books:not the United States or the United Nations...us as in "we" the people...
The Bible calls depending on the old testament or the new for a variety of conditions and reflections some very harsh and unacceptable going from the old to the new...they may co-exist but the final commandment ever given man by Jesus was to LOVE our neighbor as ourselves. It is not only the most difficult because so many do not love themselves, and are eaten away by self hatred and hatred of others because of skin color, sex, age and even different religious beliefs.
The rights bestowed by our creator come with rules too...those rules are the 10 commandments. Object fight or carry on about them, but remember you need both in order to have order.
When someone claims to have an Open Mind they are soon shocked, dismayed, and offended that there actually are other views.
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What would they do without Anecdotals or Snark

« Reply #8 on: 03 06, 10, 01:23:40:PM » Reply

Actually it is not the governments job to be our brothers keeper.
Exactly Jtopp. It takes a village, not a government. We need to teach that they are not the same.  I don't want the government teaching us anything. I want them to divvie-up our taxes that pay for the schools and teachers equally, that's it. Other than that, they are to stay out of our classrooms.
Its the same as, I want the grocer to sell me the candy bar, not teach me how to eat it.
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« Reply #9 on: 03 06, 10, 01:57:53:PM » Reply

Mc.... sorry I needed to read what you said twice... but got lost in the translation...ok
Church and State will hardly ever see eye to eye... I guess...State says do it one way and the church says do it another....
We are our brother's keeper....to the state it means welfare, social programs, etc.. etc...
                            to the church it means sacrifice in so many words...
Like I said, only the strong should survive and damn anyone that gets in the way, huh?  It is all about who makes the most money and who can purchase that most treasures....and when we die can we take it all with us... When we die what do we take with us.... and if you say who cares, you're dead... I'm not talking to you then.... I'm talking to the ones who believe they have to answer to a higher power...
Is money today a higher power?  Do we care so much about it that we could, would, should, sacrifice a human existance? 
In America or better across the world their will always be a poor and alway someone who has more... do you allow those who have nothing to do the best they can... or do we help them a bit along lifes way... Keep in mind this is a reality..... Now everybody can help every time and if it was left up to most...who would care? 
That's where the government comes into play... sorry... that's what happened.... History repeats itself so Beck says in one of his videos... if we do not learn it...
We can not allow what is happening in Africa, genocide, starvation, wars on the halfs and half not here... can we? 
Imagine now that our government didn't do anything for anyone... could you, would you, or should you survive? 
The government sets it up so that all will survive...
But now ou say welfare... that's where we all should come into play... not allow that to happen... I too am so fed up with folks that bring their families up in a system of that fails them... I don't mind a helping hand but not the lifetime that some folks have taken advantage..NO! 
But if you are having a hard time and friends and family are not around... sure come to us (government) and enjoy brotherhood... but warn it's not for the rest of your life... only when the time it's needed...
  Sorry got carried away and I didn't proof it so double sorry... 
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« Reply #10 on: 03 06, 10, 02:16:20:PM » Reply

Kind of goes back to a story loosely repeated here where an owner was going to be away for awhile and gave his servants so many pieces of silver one buried it, one invested it and one squandered it. When the owner returned he was angry at the one that buried it...because this servant would never know what he could or could not have accomplished because he did not use it. We are all given talents, we are all given here in America opportunity too...we are not all as smart as one another, as handsome or beautiful, or as tall or short etc. We are all different, and as such it is our job to take what we have and use it to the best of our ability. There will always be poor people, there will always be minority people, there will always be blind people there will always be rich people, there will always be evil and good people. Because if you believe in one then you musts believe in the other. In a majority it usually results from the finest and fittest that have been able to survive joining together to KEEP the majority. The majority play a large roll in keeping the minority alive be it just the crumbs from their table...but here in America even with those crumbs one can still become rich famous and able to give back to society from their bountiful harvests.
No where else on this earth has this been possible or is it now possible other than here in America. Right now here in America the minority are doing a bid to take away what has worked and turn it around that they "few" will tell the many what to do. Like the Roman Empire...and like Rome this country will fail if we the majority don't stop this crap now! We need to take back our children and educate them in the ways of our Country and return to our children the heroes of this Country. NO other Country has any bearing on this country nor should they!
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