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If Kamala wins the Deep State wins and RIGHTS will slowly be forfeited.
Ask yourself "Where else on this planet will you find them?" (you won't)

VOTE TRUMP. Make America - "America" Again.

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Author Topic: Putin penetrates more deeply into the House of Representatives & GOP  (Read 297 times)
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DJB is a closet homo

« on: 06 09, 24, 11:22:52:AM » Reply

Speaker Johnson Appoints Two Trump Allies to Intel Committee

House Speaker Mike Johnson on Wednesday appointed two far-right Republicans to the powerful House Intelligence Committee, positioning two close allies of Donald Trump who worked to overturn the 2020 presidential election on a panel that receives sensitive classified briefings and oversees the work of America's spy agencies.

Johnson's decision to appoint Ronny Jackson and Scott Perry to the House Intelligence Committee...Johnson passed over Laurel Lee, who spent months on FISA, Tony Gonzales, a Navy cryptologist, and Stephanie Bice, a well-liked member of GOP leadership, to appoint Jackson and Perry.The reason? He told people that he did this expressly because Trump.In doing so, Johnson has pissed off the people he passed over, of course. He's really pissed off the members of the Intelligence Committee, who are dumping on him and say this was a stupid, clownish move.Johnson's decision to appoint the two hardline Republicans to the committee is reverberating throughout the Hill. Several members of the committee - Republicans and Democrats - say they worry about the integrity of the panel in the wake of Johnson's appointment of the pair.

So, thanks to Dotard, Putin will have direct access to our national intelligence. They should plant some overly tempting tidbits with some top secret information and see how long it takes for these tidbits to end up on Faux Lies
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« Reply #1 on: 06 09, 24, 11:58:28:AM » Reply

Putin completely owned the Republican Communist party when he and they stole an election in 2016 to make Putin's Pussy our president.
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JW2 is a homosexual

« Reply #2 on: 06 11, 24, 01:43:33:AM » Reply

Speaker appoints two Trump allies to Intelligence Committee.

Good!  The House NEEDS more patriotism! 
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« Reply #3 on: 06 11, 24, 10:58:01:AM » Reply

Good!  The house needs more Russian agents!!

I take it that the Russian agent Comer and other Republican Communists was not quite enough to bring Biden down.  Perhaps you MAGA-Commies should try to emulate the Marxist Negro who took down Putin's Pussy.  And give up the Russian SDS methods you currently are failing with.
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