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Title: How you can make the Last Post be on top
Post by: Jim on 09 27, 11, 12:25:41:AM
I have been asked by two or three members "How you can make the Last Post be on top"
There are 5 ways to sort Topics.  By 1. Subject, 2. Started by, 3. Replies, 4. Views, and 5. Last Post.
To sort by Last Post,  click Last Post twice.
The trick now is to save the link on the address bar as you link to this forum. This way, each time you come back the Topics will be sorted as Last Post.
However, if you visit any of the other boards here the Last Post Sorting will revert back to normal. You must then either click Last Post twice again, or use your Log In Link.
I created the Hot Topics board area which has the normal sorting of Last Post to see how, or if it was used. That board area is rarely visited, so I have to assume Last Post sorting is not that important for most. But for those who feel it is important, this post explains how to accomplish that.