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Title: The Bible
Post by: Jim on 03 25, 11, 01:50:33:AM
Need to look up a particular Bible Verse?
Or just start reading from the beginning? (

Title: Re: The Bible
Post by: Jim on 04 12, 11, 02:09:03:AM
For those who wish to claim the Bible has inaccuracies or is too far fetched;
I will respond with this: 
Lets say for a moment you might be right. In fact, lets say the entire Bible is just a collection of parables and hand-me-down stories. I happen to think the Bible is mostly correct, with a few parables thrown in, and with some of the scientific facts they believed during that time in history. I mean, who cares if they thought the Earth was flat,  Or, maybe Moses did not actually part the dead sea, instead maybe Moses happened upon a sandbar that allowed the Jews to safely cross, and they took that as a sign to mean God led them to a part in the sea that allowed them to cross, and it became something told at the campfires that God saw fit to part the Sea for them.  Who cares?
Lets assume the entire Bible is a bunch of parables and beliefs of that time.  Is that your proof that God definately does not exist?  Or that he did not create the Earth and the life on it?  Because of a book that many people believe in, but you don't?  That's your proof?