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Author Topic: Whitesmoke  (Read 1863 times)
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« on: 04 28, 12, 07:28:03:PM » Reply

I think I have a virus on my laptop and I can't download anything...nothing... and most of the programs I can't get into... can't even use my spyware/virus crap...

every program comes up with ink_something or other...

something came up by the name of Whitesmoke  looked on line and it's a virus...

Can you help?
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« Reply #1 on: 04 28, 12, 07:44:38:PM » Reply

Can you boot into SAFE mode?   
Reboot, after the first beep start pressing F8  about once ever second until a screen pops up with SAFE Mode as the top option.
If it boots into SAFE mode then see if your Virus software will run.   Let me know..

Here is info on the WhiteSmoke Virus:
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« Reply #2 on: 05 05, 12, 01:36:27:PM » Reply

still trying to fix this... I can go into safe mode but i'm missing rundll.exe. meaning I can't download on this computer period...
I do have another computer half ass working and I was thinking maybe I can copy the cd repair on it and restore with that cd...
hint... never copied a cd before but I know I have a recorder, I think... and so If i can record a repair on the computer that can download on a cd...  I maybe able to copy it to the non downloading computer...
if this don't work.. I'll send it to a shop and repair or... buy another...
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« Reply #3 on: 05 10, 12, 10:59:52:AM » Reply

decided to purchase all new restore cds for all my broke down computers (5)... should be delivered in 5-10 days...
starting completely over on these computer will be refreshing... and I'll loose most of the crap on them but I know yahoo used to allow us to bookmark really good... so only on the current will I keep pics of now... oh well...life goes on....
when you don't have rundll.exe on your computer nothing will download... even the free downloads to restore...
and the other that is totally spinning trying to open... well it may just need something else but I'll start with the restore...
the others.. hell.. I forgot what was wrong with them but they too can have a fresh start...
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