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Six Years of Witch Hunting H8 on an Innocent person. and each one failed.
And Now Trump shows its not just Democrats that are Corrupt, so is the FBI.

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Author Topic: My Posts keep disappearing!  (Read 945 times)
When someone claims to have an Open Mind they are soon shocked, dismayed, and offended that there actually are other views.
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What would they do without Anecdotals or Snark

« on: 08 02, 11, 08:33:52:PM » Reply

ARRRRRRRRRRGHHHHHHHHHH Aesops !!!!  All my typing for naught?

I've been hit by that many times too. Unfortunately I can't do anything about that. It has to do with that stupid filter the host has on all the shared servers. If we had our own server that filter would be gone. The filter keeps certain words or combinations from being posted. It is supposed to filter out Spam and Porn type auto-bot entries. It is meant to protect websites that have no other means of filtering that stuff. We DO have the means to filter it, but that does not matter to the host. Since we are on a shared server, and the filter only works on a whole server,  that means they cannot turn it off for us without turning it off for all others on this server too. Catch22.
Also be aware that if you get filtered too many times you run the risk of having your IP being blocked by a filter called Mod_Sec, which is named backwards because it is a Security Mod for Servers.

If I could afford $150 bux per month for a private server I'd do it.
Anyways, I've learned to COPY what I typed "before" I hit preview or post (cntl-c). If it goes away I can paste it back.(cntl-v)
 After that happens I will play with it to see which words offend it. That way I can contact the host to have that word or phrase 'white-listed" for us.

If this happens to you and you want to find the offending culprit - you can send me the text and I will play with it to find the offender, then I will contact the host to have it white listed out for us.


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