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Author Topic: For Linnies Husband  (Read 1344 times)
When someone claims to have an Open Mind they are soon shocked, dismayed, and offended that there actually are other views.
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What would they do without Anecdotals or Snark

« on: 02 25, 11, 10:36:25:PM » Reply

I received an email from Linnie today with the follow message

Dear Friends....
this is a prayer request for my husband Rich...He's very sick and yesterday we were told he has multiple tumors on his liver and possibly a mass in his stomach....First we were told it was cancer then a second doctor told us that wasn't certain yet and wouldn't be until there was more testing and biopsy...
He is scheduled for a scope procedure this morning and an oncologist will see him at 10 or 11...we need all the prayers we can get...Please pray not only for Richard but for me to have strength and faith and for our children to be strong.....
The Lord has promised that we will not be given more than we can handle but at this point, I'm a basket case and need your help...
Love, Lin
When someone claims to have an Open Mind they are soon shocked, dismayed, and offended that there actually are other views.
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Posts: 53234

What would they do without Anecdotals or Snark

« Reply #1 on: 02 26, 11, 10:25:23:AM » Reply

We wish the best to Linnie and especially her husband.
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~Well-behaved women seldom make history~

« Reply #2 on: 02 26, 11, 05:41:43:PM » Reply

I would like to add my prayer to Linnie and her family.  May her husband have the best possible outcome for his procedure and I ask that the Lord send the entire family the strength and fortitude to battle through this rough spot in the road.
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« Reply #3 on: 02 27, 11, 02:36:30:AM » Reply

We wonder sometimes why bad thing happen to good people, I wish I knew how to offer a prayer to God that would bring your loved one through this and for you to find the comfort and to be the strong shoulder that he needs at this time.

I will ask, and I hope God will listen.  Please keep the faith and know that others do care.
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« Reply #4 on: 03 12, 11, 12:11:25:PM » Reply

Hugs and prayers for Linnie.
« Reply #5 on: 03 12, 11, 09:50:54:PM » Reply

Hi Lin, I have been keeping you and your hubby in my thoughts and prayers, hope things are going better!  I have read you from the old days and think I visited your fight site when excite went down, and possibly had a link of another board you started (I'm on another computer and don't have the bookmarks.) If this is the same Lin, do you know how Ann is doing? The Ann Coulter who posted on boards kicking liberals butts? Do you know if she posts here? 
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« Reply #6 on: 12 23, 11, 11:52:45:PM » Reply

Just posted to you above here in another thread, Linnie. & AcquaDiLoria too long nic above that didn't stick I used to post perfume commercials to dardmex with (aqua'd'gioia) is me, pacifica.

Hope you're doing well......first Christmas without your husband. Hope you have a Merry Christmas and if you see Ann, please tell her hi.
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