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Author Topic: Record breaking Alligator Gar caught in East Texas  (Read 923 times)
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A “monster”-sized alligator gar caught in East Texas may break records held for more than 70 years after a nearly three-hour battle to reel in the beast.

Experienced angler Art Weston and professional fishing guide Capt. Kirk Kirkland potentially made history by catching a 283-pound alligator gar after only hoping to get a 130-pounder.

Weston, a resident of Kentucky, traveled to Texas’s Lake Sam Rayburn to join Capt. Kirkland on his boat, the “Garship Enterprise,” on September 2. What the two reeled in took about two hours and 45 minutes, and even more impressively, it was done on just a six-pound line.

“All of a sudden, one of the reels started to scream — the fish just grabbed the bait and absolutely just took off in a straight line,” Weston told Fox News.

He recalled that the pair of fishermen did not even realize just how massive the gar was until the last 20 minutes of reeling. “I remember yelling, ‘Oh my God, that’s a monster!'” said Weston.

Once brought to shore, the fish measured in at a whopping 100 inches long and 48 inches around.

According to Kirkland, it was “pretty exhausting to catch fish like that.”


Caught on a six-pound test line!

That is one skilled angler!
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 |  Sports  |  Hunting / Fishing  |  Topic: Record breaking Alligator Gar caught in East Texas
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