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06 17, 24, 12:46:05:AM

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Not only has Joe Buden allowed Rapists, Murderers, and current criminals
(along with 30 plus Million Illegals) unlawfully crossing our Border, but
he's also allowed at minimum 8 known TERRORISTS to come in to attack us.
Is THIS what Democrats call "Democracy" or "America?"

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Author Topic: Bambu Lab 3d printer!  (Read 470 times)
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« on: 07 27, 23, 05:40:16:PM » Reply

When Bambu Lab announced the P1P, everyone was shocked. This brand new company announced a 3D printer that could print ultra-fast, with excellent accuracy for less than most of the best 3D printers on the market at the time. It was, to employ an overused idiom, game-changing.

Bambu Lab recently lowered the price of the P1P to $599 and no one really understood why. The original price of $699 was excellent value, so there seemed no reason to lower it. Now we know it was so the company could release a new printer at the $699 price point, the P1S.

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 |  Technology  |  PC problems  |  Topic: Bambu Lab 3d printer!
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