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Author Topic: Are you posting in a Cesspool ?  (Read 1049 times)
When someone claims to have an Open Mind they are soon shocked, dismayed, and offended that there actually are other views.
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« on: 10 27, 10, 09:43:53:PM » Reply

I got a PM from "anonymous1" who got a PM from "anonymous2" saying that "anonymous2" is trying to redirect members to another forum that claims this place is a cesspool. Oh lord, hear my loud chuckle.  Look, I wasn't going to respond, but I'm going to say this only because it probably belongs in our TOS or Bulletin Area:

First of all, please let them know they can post a link to that other forum publicly if they wish. Why would they think that would bother me?  I won't even reply to the "sneaking around in PMs comment", I'm older than that and I don't care what people do in PMs, but I do appreciate the humor.  That was actually Rich.
MyWay and eXcite used to ban people for posting links to other forums. But, that's not what we do here.  However, the secrecy thing is kinda funny. Besides, I'll be the first to admit that I post in other forums sometimes too. Does posting to the CNN and Fox comment areas count?   But I generally stay away from other forums.  I'll just be nice by saying I find them unusually slow, too visually cluttered, having weird colors, or a slight bit of each.

As for this being a cesspool; oh good grief, was that aimed at me or was that aimed at all our good members?
Who were they trying to offend?    Sure, I created the meeting place, but its the members that create the theme.

Consider this.
I've found there are several types of groups that fall into the following categories.
(1.) You want honest discussion and hope for intelligent response.
(2.) You just want a simple place to say Hello to friends, send a few photo's and your happy.
(3.) You just want to post your single posts and not check for responses, or even care.
(4.) You thrive to administer shock and dismay.
(5.) You think this board is mostly Left, so you're going to disrupt them as much as possible.
(6.) You think this board is mostly Right, so you're going to disrupt them as much as possible.
This is our cesspool. This is the little bus we all ride in. To make our bus run we all bring our own gallon of gas and we all pour that gas into the tank called AesopsRetreat. However, just because someone else poured their gas into the tank first doesn't mean their gas gets used first. That is to say, this board isn't all LEFT or all Right because thats the gas we are using at the moment. No, all that gas gets mixed together into one tank to create the fuel we all share in making this bus run.  If its a cesspool its not because of any one person or group. Its all of us. So put your pointing finger back in its holster.
Even anonymous2 (and friend) logged in to do their own cesspooling.

There are two other groups.
(7.) This group likes to push the envelope and gets pissed there is even an edge to that envelope.
(8.) This group is upset that I allow such a big envelope. They'd prefer a tiny pouch (if you will).  The smaller the better, and personalized.

However, there is a final group that brings kerosene to mix with our fuel.
(9.) For their own reasons they want to see AesopsRetreat go down. They are here merely for Chaos sake. (ahem)

Some people belong to several groups at once. Which only adds to the fun.

The bottom line for any forum is this;
- If you want discussions and debates without name calling; then its up to you to start doing that in all your posts.
- Be consistent. Don't name call in one thread then expect those same people to seriously debate you in another.
- Don't respond like a butthead to other buttheads. Be consistently courteous, or just ignore them.
- You're only inviting the worst by downgrading yourself to name calling.
Do you see me name calling, even when others call me some pretty nasty things. I don't allow myself to fall to that level.  You may say, yeah but, you're the Admin, it's your board you have to be nice. Well guess what, its your board too! Did you consider that?

- If you are going to post incendiary topics with incendiary wording then don't complain about the replies you get.
- If you push someones button then don't expect them not to push yours too.
Everything I said above will hold true no matter whose forum you post in.
I know many of you disagree with this, but I still claim that we offer as close to a free speech, and freedom in posting site as possible, while still maintaining some semblance on a limit envelope of where a line can be drawn.  As much as "anon2" thrives to control people, I want people to learn to control themselves. This board is not about censorship - sorry. That's something they can do at their own board. Have at it, and good luck from the cesspool..

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