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Author Topic: Problems with MacKeeper!  (Read 119 times)
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Cybersecurity company Elastic Security Labs investigated where malware comes from and which machines it targets the most. Unsurprisingly, 54.4% of malware analyzed targeted Windows computers, while 39.4% aimed at Linux.

A mere 6.2% targeted macOS systems. However, the most surprising aspect is that almost half of all macOS malware comes from MacKeeper.

Elastic Security Labs explained that MacKeeper is a utility software suite for macOS designed to help optimize resources and monitor internal resources. The problem is criminals are abusing MacKeeper and its extensive permissions.

If you download MacKeeper, ensure you’re getting it from the official source and that it’s not a spoofed version. Also, be careful with updates. Ensure the updates are also from the official source and not one that could contain malware.

Taking a broader look at the malware landscape, it turns out that over 80% of malware are Trojans that masquerade as a specific app but pivot once installed.
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 |  Technology  |  PC problems  |  Topic: Problems with MacKeeper!
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