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Russian Bounty BS
Hey LOOK! More Witch Hunt!
Gee, I wonder if there is an important Election coming up?

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Author Topic: GOPpers Will Be Happy - Blacks Being Hit HARD!  (Read 81 times)
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« Reply #24 on: 05 24, 20, 08:02:16:PM » Reply

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« Reply #26 on: 05 24, 20, 08:10:15:PM » Reply

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Frump is a liar, and Repocons are Proud of that.

« Reply #27 on: 05 24, 20, 08:52:21:PM » Reply

FOX News and NY Post are discredited hacks and the Washington Post article is a Media Critic's OPINION.

REALLY?  That's all you got?
Republicans believe every day is the fourth of July! Democrats believe every day is April 15!
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« Reply #28 on: 05 24, 20, 09:12:47:PM » Reply

Look at how Democrats treat black and brown America:

Black politicians, civil rights leaders, and their white liberal advocates have little or no interest in doing anything effective to deal with what’s no less than an education crisis among black students.
In city after city with large black populations, such as Baltimore, St. Louis, Detroit, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C., less than 10% of students test proficient in reading and math.
For example, in 2016, in 13 Baltimore high schools, not a single student tested proficient in math. In six other high schools, only 1% tested proficient in math. Citywide, only 15% of Baltimore students passed the state’s English test. Despite these academic deficiencies, about 70% of the students graduate and are conferred a high school diploma.
Ballou High School is in Washington, D.C. Five percent of its students test proficient in reading and 1% test proficient in math. In 2017, all 189 students in Ballou High School’s senior class applied to college. All 189 members of the graduating class of 2017 were accepted to universities.
In November 2017, an investigation showed that half of Ballou’s 2017 graduates had more than three months of unexcused absences. One in five of the graduating class was absent more than present, therefore missing more than 90 days of school.
Examples of academic underachievement can be seen at predominantly black public schools across the nation, but that’s only part of the story. The strangest part of this is that poor academic performance is accepted and tolerated by black politicians, civil rights organizations, and white liberals.
Poor performance is often blamed on finances; however, the poorest performing schools have the highest per pupil spending. New York; Washington, D.C.; and Baltimore rank among the nation’s highest in per pupil educational spending.

The underachievement story is compounded by the gross dishonesty of colleges that admit many of these students. I cannot imagine that students who are not proficient in reading and math can do real college work.
In a futile attempt to make up for 12 years of rotten education, colleges put these students in remedial courses. They also design courses with little or no true academic content. Colleges have their own agendas. They want the money that comes from admitting these students. Also, they want to make their diversity and multiculturalism administrators happy.
Poor black education is not preordained. Thomas Sowell has examined schools in New York City and student performance on the NY State English Language Arts Test in 2016-17. Thirty percent of Brooklyn’s William Floyd elementary school third graders scored well below proficient in English and language arts, but at Success Academy charter school in the same building, only one did. At William Floyd, 36% were below proficient, with 24% being proficient and none testing above proficient.


Think about this, who in history also opposed effective education of black and brown people?
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« Reply #29 on: 05 24, 20, 09:17:59:PM » Reply

davit, you are as dumb as they come, I am going to group you with gw, so lie away!
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