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Author Topic: Chris Wallace Says NO EVIDENCE of Vote Fraud by Mail!  (Read 50 times)
Republicans believe every day is the fourth of July! Democrats believe every day is April 15!
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« Reply #12 on: 05 24, 20, 04:20:59:AM » Reply

Last week I wrote about a new constellation of leftist philanthropy trying to influence the rules of the 2020 election, including pushing vote-by-mail, paying reporters to deny that voter fraud exists, and lobbying Congress to federalize state power over elections. Less than 24 hours later, I saw these dollars in action – through a smear by the propagandists at ProPublica.

ProPublica is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) posing as a newsroom. It is the new model in a changing media landscape, where groups like George Soros’ Foundation to Promote Open Society give ProPublica hundreds of thousands of dollars and ProPublica does what the funders ask.
It should be no surprise that ProPublica is tasked with attacking anyone who reports on voter fraud or election security vulnerabilities but sometimes it rises to the level of parody.
A few weeks ago, my organization reported that federal data published by the U.S. Election Assistance Commission revealed a terrible problem with vote-by-mail. It turns out that tens of millions of ballots went missing, were rejected, went to the wrong address, and ultimately were never counted as valid votes.
You can read the disheartening data here.
Reporting on millions of ballots that were mailed out but never counted as valid votes is too much for ProPublica’s donor masters. So this weekend, Derek Willis of ProPublica penned a ham-handed attack on the revelation.
Willis responded to the report by arguing that these millions of ballots were in fact not “missing!” He insinuated that the whole kerfuffle of millions of mail ballots not ever coming back and getting counted was all cooked up.

The report describes as “missing” all mail ballots that were delivered to a valid address but not returned to be counted. In a statement accompanying the report, Adams said that unaccounted-for ballots “represent 28 million opportunities for someone to cheat.” In particular, the organization argues that the number of unreturned ballots would grow if more states adopt voting by mail.

Republicans believe every day is the fourth of July! Democrats believe every day is April 15!
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« Reply #13 on: 05 24, 20, 04:21:40:AM » Reply

Twice the usual number of suspects, including CNN’s combative Jim Acosta, have been criticizing President Donald Trump for the concerns he has raised about elections conducted entirely by mail. 
As the president said in a tweet, we do need absentee ballots for “many senior citizens, military, and others who can’t get to the polls on Election Day.” But the president is right to be worried about elections conducted entirely by mail. 
Absentee ballotsare the tools of choice of election fraudsters because they are voted outsidethe supervision of election officials, making it easier to steal, forge, oralter them, as well as to intimidate voters.
Going entirely to by-mail elections would unwisely endanger the security and integrity of the election process, particularly if officials automatically mail absentee ballots to all registered voters without a signed, authenticated request from each voter. 

Voter registration rolls are notoriously inaccurate and out of date, containing the names of voters who are deceased, have moved, or otherwise have become ineligible. 
Having thousandsof ballots arriving in the mail for individuals who no longer reside at aregistered address risks those ballots being stolen and voted. 
Yet many liberals are pushing that very process.
The coronavirus bill that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., tried to pass would have forced states to mail absentee ballots to all registered voters, rather than allowing states to require a signed, absentee ballot request form that can be authenticated by election officials before a ballot is sent to the voter. 
Opportunity for Fraud
The problem (and opportunity for fraud) this could cause is illustrated by something the president talked about at one of his news conferences; namely, the settlement that Judicial Watch obtained from Los Angeles and the state of California over their failure to maintain the accuracy of their voter registration rolls. 
The state and LA agreed to remove from the rolls 1.5 million individuals who remained registered even though they no longer were eligible to vote. Imagine what would have happened if 1.5 million ballots were simply mailed out to all of those individuals to addresses where they no longer live.
Ballots are a valuable commodity. How many would have been voted anyway by fraudsters or vote harvesters collecting absentee ballots in neighborhoods throughout Los Angeles? 

Republicans believe every day is the fourth of July! Democrats believe every day is April 15!
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« Reply #14 on: 05 24, 20, 04:22:22:AM » Reply

Democrats want to mail every American a 2020 ballot and have people come to your house to pick up those ballots.
Can you imagine?
Can you imagine mailing out some 150 million ballots to every registered voter and having some politicized “organizer” pick them up?
“Sir, I’m here to pick up your presidential ballot.”
“I haven’t filled it out. You know, I’m not really paying attention.”
“That’s no problem. Why don’t you let me help you with that.”
Seriously, can you imagine?
Or how about the very idea of these “organizers” in possession and in control of who knows how many hundreds or thousands of ballots?
Democrats tried that in Arizona for the 2016 election. But the state passed a law against it, against what is known as “community ballot collection,” and the Supreme Court, thankfully, upheld the law, but only after the depraved 9th Circuit ruled against it.
But this is what Democrats want; this is how Democrats are exploiting the coronavirus pandemic and all the death and economic destruction that goes with it… To push terrible ideas like nationwide vote-by-mail and community ballot collection.
Anyone who believes in election and ballot integrity understands that the safest way to vote, to ensure a legal and orderly process, is in-person voting with a government ID.
Willy-nilly vote by mail is a terrible idea. My God, that would mean mailing ballots to every single registered voter in the country… But only for now. You know that eventually, Democrats will demand that everyone of voting age is mailed a ballot.
So what you would have are some 150 million presidential voting ballots floating around the country… How many would go to the wrong address? How easy would it be to vote twice: once in person and once by mail? How easy would it be to vote using someone else’s ballots?

How about, this easy! And those are only the people who have been caught.

Republicans believe every day is the fourth of July! Democrats believe every day is April 15!
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Posts: I am a geek!!

« Reply #15 on: 05 24, 20, 04:23:02:AM » Reply

It’s not just one county in Texas either. When we were at the Justice Department, we were involved in a case of systemic vote-by-mail fraud in Noxubee County, Mississippi. A federal court found that mail ballot fraud was very real, part of an organized scheme to disenfranchise voters. 
It worked like this. The harvesters snatched mail ballots from the mailboxes of people they knew. They would then knock on their doors, ballots in hand, offering to “help” them vote. The harvesters would then fill in the ballots for their candidates, regardless of what the intended voters had told them.                                                                                                                     
The court ruling contains tragic testimony from one victim, Susan Wood. When asked why she allowed a harvester to fill out her ballot, Ms. Wood answered that the harvester “knows folks” better than she did — a classic case of trust betrayed.
In 2011 in Troy, New York, a local political operative was convicted for submitting fraudulent absentee ballots. When asked why he targeted voters who lived in low-income housing, he said it was because they were a lot less likely to complain or notice their ballot had been stolen.
Those who commit mail ballot fraud are often in positions of relative power over the voter. Victims are frequently reluctant to speak with law enforcement officers because those committing the crime — the harvesters — live among them and are often politically well-connected. It took significant Justice Department resources to crack the case in Noxubee and unearth the plot.

Vote-harvesting fraud isn’t the end of the problems with vote-by-mail. States relying on this method inevitably send piles of ballots to obsolete addresses or to registrants who have died.
That’s because voter rolls are filled with errors. California voter rolls remain tainted with thousands of deceased registrants, as well as voters who say they live at commercial addresses. In Swissvale, Pennsylvania, one man had seven simultaneous active voter registrations at the same address. Vote-by-mail would send seven ballots to this house.
Advocates of vote-by-mail don’t understand the extent of the snafus on American voter rolls. They don’t understand the hundreds of thousands duplicate registrations that exist. They don’t understand the problem of placeholder registrations — where many registrations don’t even have full addresses. And those who do understand have chosen to turn a blind eye to these and other glaring problems.
Now, add to all these problems the simple fact that vote-by-mail is entirely dependent on the postal service — the same outfit that routinely delivers you your neighbor’s mail.
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell deserves enormous credit for standing strong against effort to make vote-by-mail mandatory in every state. His stance has preserved the constitutional arrangement whereby states, not the folks in D.C., get to decide how to run their own elections. 

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Frump is a liar, and Repocons are Proud of that.

« Reply #16 on: 05 24, 20, 04:11:57:PM » Reply


Your stuff has no basis in reality.
Go back to your cave..., try living in the REAL world.
Republicans believe every day is the fourth of July! Democrats believe every day is April 15!
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Posts: I am a geek!!

« Reply #17 on: 05 24, 20, 09:16:03:PM » Reply

Davik again proves he doesn't know the difference between opinion and fact!
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