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Where can UnBorn Babies go to apply for Asylum from Killer mothers?

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Author Topic: Answer This  (Read 525 times)
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« Reply #84 on: 04 15, 19, 03:43:13:AM » Reply

A car frame is not a car til it is finished. Same with everything.
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« Reply #85 on: 04 15, 19, 12:48:00:PM » Reply


Whether I have or haven't ISN'T your business, nor is it the point of the discussion....

Now go pound sand!


*Ldy R.* 
President Trump. BRAVO!!! MAGA!!!
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« Reply #86 on: 04 15, 19, 06:13:20:PM » Reply

Republicans believe every day is the fourth of July! Democrats believe every day is April 15!
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« Reply #87 on: 04 15, 19, 09:02:08:PM » Reply


Re: reply #75

You didn't expect an answer but wasted your time and effort asking a question. That's rather stupid. You should had noticed by now that I hardly ever ask questions in this forum. What I do instead is state my positions and views and I am always prepared to  defend them with fact-based evidence. On the rare occasions when I do ask a question, I already know the answer, and I am ready to catch the responder in a lie and either refute or debunk his or her untruthful answer.

I did give you a chance to rise above your intellectual cowardice and answer in a clear and straight forward manner!

Sadly, you instead sank further into intellectual cowardice refusing to even offer up your typical mindless deflection and hatred!

DvD never has a fact-based anything.

All opinion and bias for DvD!
More lies and projection from Davik!
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