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The ONLY FACT we need to know:
Hunter Biden was under investigation for U.S. influence peddling.
Joe Biden forced the (then) Ukraine President FIRE that prosecutor.
President Trump asked the New Ukraine President if that was true.
Therefore President Trump must be Impeached.

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Author Topic: Trump's Tax Returns  (Read 1689 times)
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« Reply #144 on: 04 16, 19, 10:23:15:PM » Reply

d2dvd! : How did Harry Reid become a multi=millionaire on a senator's salary?

I cannot answer that question because I don't know. So any attempt by me to answer your would be based on speculation rather than fact. In other words, I would be doing what you always do in this forum: talking out my ass and arguing my opinion as fact.

Why do you fear my question?

The more pertinent question in this thread is, "Why does your Dear Leader trump fear releasing his tax returns?"

[P]oliticians with presidential aspirations, like Bernie, sanitize their tax returns for public consumption [sic].

I asked you to provide a compelling reason to explain your Dear Leader's refusal to voluntarily release his tax returns; however, you did not do that. Not surprisingly, your response was a smear against a Democratic presidential aspirant.
President Trump. BRAVO!!! MAGA!!!
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« Reply #145 on: 04 16, 19, 11:18:35:PM » Reply

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« Reply #146 on: 04 16, 19, 11:24:52:PM » Reply

So, Sanders is just another 1%'er.   Thanks for letting us know, Bernie.   Congratulations.  Great job.  By the way, Bernie, you did a lot of finagling to pay only 25%.  Pretty slick for someone who says the 1%'ers should pay their "fair share".  What else do you want to show us?   And WTF does it have to do with your slime ball buddies and Trump's returns?
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« Reply #147 on: 04 17, 19, 12:02:39:AM » Reply

To: chuck-Curtis

Re: reply #146

Despite all you said about Bernie Sanders, he (unlike your Dear Leader trump) has released his tax returns for public perusal, proving to the US electorate that he has nothing to hide about his finances. But, evidently, there could be something in trump's tax returns that he wants to keep hidden from his deluded personality cult.
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« Reply #148 on: 04 17, 19, 02:41:10:AM » Reply

Post your tax returns here, hawksbaby, or tell me something about that something to hide argument that doesn't make any logical sense at all.  Your choice.
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« Reply #149 on: 04 17, 19, 06:29:52:AM » Reply


I'm not running for president. Tell your Dear Leader trump to post his tax returns here.
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« Reply #150 on: 04 17, 19, 01:11:07:PM » Reply

You're not running for president, hawksbaby, which means you have even less reason than Trump does not to post yours here.   But, your argument is crap, so you won't post them here.
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Stable genius.

« Reply #151 on: 04 17, 19, 02:18:47:PM » Reply

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« Reply #152 on: 04 17, 19, 02:53:29:PM » Reply

Hey Chuckles...please try and pay attention.

Congress Subpoenas Deutsche Bank As Part Of Democrats' Probe Of Trump Finances


You should know...that part of those financial records are copies of Trump's Tax Returns that he used to get loan money. 

So, do try to remember that when Trump's Taxes are made public...

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« Reply #153 on: 04 17, 19, 02:56:50:PM » Reply

Yeah, JW, there's no end to the slim from your pals.  I know all about it.   Wouldn't it be a lot simpler for youse to just assassinate him?
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« Reply #154 on: 04 17, 19, 04:17:17:PM » Reply

What, chuckles? Kill the little dictator/wannabe, lying, hypocritical, turd, tRump, and NOT expose his

treachery and treason for the WHOLE WORLD to see?


It's more fun to expose him, his cronies, enablers, mooks, handlers, and traitor following for what they




*Ldy R.* 
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This Little Piggi Gets Wee Wee'd Up All The Way Hm

« Reply #155 on: 04 17, 19, 06:49:07:PM » Reply

SkankyBB says it wants Trump to be exposed as Barry Soetoro was ....

To bad it ain’t gonna happen
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