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Author Topic: FOX analyst Calls Alleged Political Motive ‘Understandable’  (Read 23 times)
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« on: 03 15, 19, 12:36:21:PM » Reply

It's hardly surprising that this guy finds this "very understandable", he had ties to Lebanese Christian militia during the Lebanese Civil War. He appears to be simply an apologist for thuggery.

Is it any surprise that he ended up working for Trump's campaign and now gets paid by FOX News?

Fox Analyst Decries NZ Attack, Calls Alleged Political Motive ‘Understandable’

A Fox News foreign affairs analyst and a former staffer for the Trump 2016 campaign condemned the attacks, but told Fox News’ Bill Hemmer on Friday that it was “very understandable” what the shooter in the New Zealand mosque massacre was “trying to do on a political level.”

“It is very understandable what he is trying to do on a political level, obviously it’s horrific and it should be condemned completely on the action level,” Walid Phares told Fox News on Friday, before discussing the attention the shooter likely wants to bring to his ideological beliefs through the attack and trial.

It is unclear what Phares was trying to express in the eyebrow-raising remarks. Phares tweeted that he thinks his words were twisted.

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« Reply #1 on: 03 15, 19, 12:39:56:PM » Reply

Phares went on to express that it is the responsibility of the New Zealand government and governments around the world to “take action against” the ideologies that promote “violent action” and fight terrorism “from any side and all sides,” a remark that resembles President Trump’s response to the racist violence in Charlottesville.

This attack clearly came from one side. No more false equivocating.
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« Reply #2 on: 03 15, 19, 12:40:45:PM » Reply

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« Reply #3 on: 03 15, 19, 12:42:04:PM » Reply

I think it's a political move.  It's Jihad.
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« Reply #4 on: 03 15, 19, 12:46:00:PM » Reply

"They were having terrorism problems, just like we do. And he caught 50 terrorists who did tremendous damage and killed many people. And he took the 50 terrorists, and he took 50 men and he dipped 50 bullets in pigs’ blood — you heard that, right? He took 50 bullets, and he dipped them in pigs’ blood. And he had his men load his rifles, and he lined up the 50 people, and they shot 49 of those people. And the 50th person, he said: You go back to your people, and you tell them what happened. And for 25 years, there wasn’t a problem. Okay? Twenty-five years, there wasn’t a problem." - Donald Trump, 2/19/16

"Study what General Pershing of the United States did to terrorists when caught. There was no more Radical Islamic Terror for 35 years!" - Donald Trump, 8/17/17

Brian M. Linn, a history professor at Texas A&M University, did just that nearly two decades ago when he published “Guardians of Empire,” a book on the U.S. military presence in Asia from 1902 to 1940.

His verdict on Trump’s claim?

“There is absolutely no evidence this occurred,” he told The Washington Post.

“It’s a made-up story. It doesn’t seem to matter how many times people say this isn’t true. No one can say where or when this occurred.”
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« Reply #5 on: 03 15, 19, 12:48:15:PM » Reply

Lost in Trump’s falsehood, Linn said, is the distortion of an officer who dedicated his life to a certain code of conduct.

“It’s a terrible defamation of the American soldier,” Linn said. “What does it say about Americans that they would take 50 people and shoot them? It’s a major war crime.”
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