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Author Topic: SCREAMING  (Read 62 times)
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« on: 03 14, 19, 03:45:55:PM » Reply

for tranquilizers...


Just feeling kinda anguished... lots to do and all I want to do is calm the freak down...

Funny how I got the dogs stuff packed and ready to rock...

but me... don't know what to do... and don't know what to think...

it's not like I can comeback if I forget stuff... I have to focused on everything...

Still need a lawn care service for here...

That jackass across the street came into my backyard the other day and tossed my birdbath over the yard...

Exercising great restraint... needing that tranquilizer really bad... you see they sit across the street looking out the window at everybody... understand?  I happened to get into the convertible and drive it cause it hasn't been driven much plus I need to gas it up... and by him looking out his window with no car.... and probably hungry...they  can't even go to the food bank... and no one to take them... I guess they played their last card on who will take them a round...  like I said before you need a car here...seriously.... no stores close... and me having 2 well...  I  take anybody that needs to go most of the time...

not them... while in the food bank they will call their brother/friend to vandalize the car while helping them... the evil of it all... can't do them...

this is a sad story... right...

my heart... whew is wondering how very sad... their pride is hurting... who wants anybody to know they go to the food banks...

me?  who gives a freak...ok

when you need you need... I say...

so they sit over there mad and hungry and whew!

should I care... no but I do... but will I help...

hell to the no...

my cars are one for me to go with Bigum… the other is when that one fails... back up...

reality... but it's not like I drive good cars... I drive older cars and get them fixed and repaired... and gas them and insure them... for someone to come and upset my balance... not having that...

All I did was go in the yard and picked up the bird bath and staged it again.... like it didn't bother me... but it did...

Anyway got that out...

We are having some good weather here in Ohio for a couple of days... but I'm watching my route to Memphis... it's going to rain the whole trip..but when I arrive it's forecasted to be wonderful...

I'm feeling so much better health wise... just need time to rest and restore... but taking it slow is all one can do...

Again money is the issue but ain't it always...lol

checked the rift raft that lived around me in Memphis and most are gone... I tell ya.... if I had to go in business it would to own a U-haul company in Memphis... I'd be rich beyond my wildest dream...

what am I talking about right now... Nothing...

Bigum gets a bath today... and it's going to beat the crap out of me...
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« Reply #1 on: 03 14, 19, 04:24:22:PM » Reply

Take time out to breathe...moving back and forth is stressful.
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« Reply #2 on: 03 14, 19, 09:57:06:PM » Reply

If I didn't have Bigum… I'd take the plane and fly back and forwards and store the car in storage... bus don't take dogs..unless it's a service dog...
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Rudeness is the weak man's imitation of strength

« Reply #3 on: 03 15, 19, 03:08:42:AM » Reply

Stay calm and focus.  It will be good to get away from those horrible neighbors. 
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