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The only Barrier to Truth, Is the belief you already know it. -Voltaire

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Author Topic: it's over  (Read 76 times)
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« on: 03 10, 19, 04:48:36:PM » Reply


what a day... what a season... and now even if it snowed it's going to melt if it freezes or not...


temps are going up.. and wow... am I glad...

happy days are here again... but taking it slow cause you never know what's going to happen next... and you know there's always a "next" … right?

I used to be thankful for the day... but it changed to thankful  for the next minute...

 time changed did you set your clocks... I haven't yet but I'm going to....

I've been watching "The Bachelor" and  to me it's exciting this time...can't wait until the conclusion and then I'm off to the South...

 it should be dried out by then... I hope...traffic should be right for the drive maybe rain all the way but that's ok...as we get older... we take our time with every movement or we could hurt something.... so I'm a little (lot) slower... I'm still focused and able...

Now that I'm on Medicare....shoot!... I can go to any doctor in the country to get medical attention... and I know that with technology I've got to be in every system in the country... no more excuses because...

another thing...

this huggle jacket is the bomb... get you one or two... wore it all winter and it really keeps you warm...if they made pants like it I'd be wearing it all the time...best invention for the winter...I have red and blue... but may get a grey one...

not cute on me... who cares...

Also.. another product that I tried  Biotin... it makes your nails grow and stay strong.... I have never had really long nails but I do now... got it for thinning hair... hair got long but not thick... so don't know what to do about that yet...hats and scarves are on the list... damn!  and a few wigs... I tell ya... getting old is for the strong...if I get passed 85... I should know a lot more about everything about age that one should know...

the saying "life's a bitch, and then we die"... really understand that now....

telemarketer called me from Microsoft and I asked her did she know I was on the no call list... and how dare she call me... she hung up...lol... well I called that scumbag back up and her boss answered... and I began to rant with him... I told him to get me off their robot listing and guess what he said to me... Fuck You...lol

of course he was on my caller id... so I tried to call him back and their phone was disconnect... shit... how much fun that would be to call him back and cuss his ass out every time I get mad... will I?  Maybe...lol

trying to get all my thoughts in one thread...

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« Reply #1 on: 03 10, 19, 05:28:52:PM » Reply

They did a little bit of filming for The Bachelor in my area when they went to the parents home of one of the girls.
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« Reply #2 on: 03 10, 19, 09:55:40:PM » Reply

your state is one of the cleanest place on the planet... Canada is first.... New York City is the dirtiest place ever...rats wait for the light to turn before they walk with the people while crossing the street in broad  daytime...

I thought she would win but she didn't...I think she was in love... but how do you do that in a months time...

The two left are in for a big shocker... he didn't want them he wanted the one that didn't want him...games I tell you...they may get a series …. won't watch that...  just don't want to get into any more programs that make you wait to the next epidsode to find the answer...

looking at the weather on the internet and it's promising for me to make that drive...cleaning up here before I go... it may take 2 days for that...the reports say that it may stop raining in Memphis... but that  rain don't bother me... it's the muddy rains in Ohio that makes you look like you're sailing around in a yacht with water that just stands for a long period...it may be the drainage because it's filled with garbage
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« Reply #3 on: 03 10, 19, 10:24:45:PM » Reply

I thought sure you were already in TN ...be careful when you do go.
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