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08 21, 19, 12:16:38:PM

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The reason the Left is pushing this 'White Supremacist'
mantra is against the Right is because they are sooo
damned afraid of losing the Black Vote, that they have to Lie..

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Author Topic: Trump Supporters Form Wall on Border!  (Read 69 times)
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Frump is a liar, and Repocons are Proud of that.

« on: 02 10, 19, 09:55:13:PM » Reply

All 25 of them!

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« Reply #1 on: 02 10, 19, 10:09:51:PM » Reply

Now there's an idea whose time has come.
It's just a matter of time before they add "syndrome" after trump's name.
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BLAH BLAH BLAH whatever.

« Reply #2 on: 02 10, 19, 10:16:21:PM » Reply

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« Reply #3 on: 02 11, 19, 12:29:37:AM » Reply

Singer Joy Villa dressed as a border wall, complete with barb wire, during the Grammys on Feb. 10.

This year, she wore a dress that included wire, bricks, and the phrase “BUILD THE WALL.”

“Well to no surprise, I’m still a Trump supporter and supporting the president and what he’s doing. This is my Make America Great Again purse and dress is by Desi Designs Couture, and it represents the wall,” she told Fox News on Feb. 10.

She elaborated on her viewpoint, saying that about a third of women “who are trying to come to this country illegally are sexually assaulted.”

“Thousands of children are sexually exploited by coyotes bringing them across the border. Seventy percent of the heroin in our nation is brought in through Mexico,” Villa said.

“This is not personal against this country or the people. It’s not about race. It’s about protecting the people who are in this country. I’m Latina, I’m black. I support what the president says about building the wall, so that’s what this dress represents,” she also said.

Villa, an avowed supporter of President Donald Trump, wore a dress with Trump’s slogan, “Make America Great Again,” several years ago.

And last year, she had a pro-life message on the Grammys red carpet.

Villa spoke of the potential backlash.

“Ignore it, keep preaching what I believe in and say ‘Hey listen, there’s a place for all beliefs.’ There should be space. Our first amendment right is free speech, so we should all be able to weigh in and think about what the president does,” she said, adding: “There’s tons Trump supporters out there all of different colors. I know, I am one [and] I hang out with them.”

Meanwhile, she said former President Obama and former President Clinton wanted border walls during their time in public service.

“It’s nothing new. But I believe he’s the one that’s going to get it done,” she said of the current president.

Villa has previously considered running for Congress.
TRUMP = GREAT President; SOBama = WORST President
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Libs are Racists/Bigots against all White People.

« Reply #4 on: 02 11, 19, 12:43:52:AM » Reply

WHY do you LibTards LOVE non-Americans who come here to take our money and jobs and lives SO MUCH? ? ? ?
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Stable genius.

« Reply #5 on: 02 11, 19, 06:14:55:AM » Reply

Concrete is way smarter than any trumpie.
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« Reply #6 on: 02 11, 19, 10:58:19:AM » Reply

Are you working hoosier ho or still living off a woman?
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Frump is a liar, and Repocons are Proud of that.

« Reply #7 on: 02 11, 19, 12:06:06:PM » Reply

Using people is especially see-through for a wall.
Human walls are very flexible, but also very porous.
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I need more cowbell! And walls!

« Reply #8 on: 02 11, 19, 12:17:44:PM » Reply

people could actually do something if they had to.  a wall just fucking stands there like a wall.  kinda like trump voters when you ask them to do math....
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