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The reason the Left is pushing this 'White Supremacist'
mantra is against the Right is because they are sooo
damned afraid of losing the Black Vote, that they have to Lie..

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Author Topic: Taxpayers Thank Trump for Less Refunds This Year & Lower Amounts  (Read 216 times)
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God is Great Beer is Good and People are Crazy

« Reply #12 on: 02 09, 19, 11:01:52:AM » Reply

You didn’t get an actual tax cut?   

We didn't get to keep our doctors and insurance either.

I upped what was taken out for federal taxes cause when the government gives with one hand they take with the other. It's not unique with president or party. It'w just the way it is. And typically it hits the middle class hardest.
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« Reply #13 on: 02 09, 19, 11:34:17:AM » Reply

We told you. When Trump said you will “ see more money in your pocket immediately” he did it by lowering your withholding deduction. Not your taxes. You bought it! It is the responsibility of the taxpayer to adjust his/ her W-2 form as paychecks change. Not the government! They have no business at all deciding how much you want withheld. So stop whining suckers!

It is the old personal responsibility thingy .
I know you know what I think I wrote, but I'm not sure you realize that what you read is not what I meant.
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A goal without a plan, is just a wish.

« Reply #14 on: 02 09, 19, 11:51:09:AM » Reply

Every year throughout my working days, I always got a refund, except twice.  I treated income taxes as a saving account.  I'd adjust my W-2 form accordingly then when I filled out my tax forms I made changes that would give me the best refund.  All legal by the way...
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Frump is a liar, and Repocons are Proud of that.

« Reply #15 on: 02 09, 19, 12:08:02:PM » Reply

I got screwed this year.

After 4 years of a modest refund, I have to PAY $1000!!!

Humph, some reform.
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« Reply #16 on: 02 09, 19, 12:33:48:PM » Reply

Good for you stupid62 I am proud of you for paying more to the government, now if your comrades would follow suit, you would be doing what you want everyone else to do and that is pay more to the government.
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~Well-behaved women seldom make history~

« Reply #17 on: 02 09, 19, 12:34:33:PM » Reply

I always hated getting a big refund.  It means the government has had your money, interest free, all year.

We try and try to adjust to maximize our take home, but it seems like the rules change every year.

Not sure how we'll fair this year, I'm just getting around to collecting up all our paperwork.

I am still hoping we can introduce a flat or fair tax structure and simply do away with having to file. 
August West
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« Reply #18 on: 02 09, 19, 01:11:59:PM » Reply

You`re correct takn but every time someone makes that argument I ask them if they would have saved that 3 or 4K on their own and the answer is always the same. NO.
President Trump. BRAVO!!! MAGA!!!
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« Reply #19 on: 02 09, 19, 02:05:41:PM » Reply

Actually, people didn't adjust their payroll deductions to account for the lower tax tables and ended up without enough withheld
   which results in a lower refund.

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Frump is a liar, and Repocons are Proud of that.

« Reply #20 on: 02 09, 19, 03:53:22:PM » Reply

How is it fair when I, a Middle Class American, am paying, and those millionaire/billionaires are all getting refunds?

Reform is giving ALL the money to those at the top!
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I need more cowbell! And walls!

« Reply #21 on: 02 09, 19, 06:07:04:PM » Reply

imagine being so fucking stupid you believe a rich person paying 33% of his income, leaving almost a million free and clear, and them being so few in number  compared to everyone else, is somehow fair.....and could actually not put our country in even further debt....if the rich paid 33% and everybody else paying 33% of his income, leaving maybe an average of 35K a year to feed his kids, maintain or buy new cars, pay the mortgage, the property taxes, the health care costs, the clothes, the stuff that can go wrong at his house, basically, paycheck to paycheck, and how much that would impact our economy consumer spending wise...

the marginal rate for a tremendously UNFAIR FLAT TAX, would have to be higher than it is now for almost every american, especially the working poor and poor.  only dumbasses believe a fair tax is fair or POSSIBLE or SANE. 
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« Reply #22 on: 02 09, 19, 06:38:04:PM » Reply

I do taxes on the side seasonally. 

Thus far, I've seen the refund amount being pretty proportionate to last year. Some have gotten more back, others not as much.

The people making more usually claim the HOH status (doubled to 18K) and the 2K child tax credit have really benefited them.

The people who have been most detrimentally affected are single home owners who were able to itemize last year.

With the exemptions removed they have $4050 more taxable Income
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I need more cowbell! And walls!

« Reply #23 on: 02 09, 19, 06:42:59:PM » Reply

that sounds right to me...another way of putting it is- if you are not rich, the odds are you did not benefit very much from the huge deficit causing tax cuts aimed at the rich and big corporations, the tax cuts that benefited trump and his family and his friends way more than the average taxpayer.  and leaves all the other taxpayers on the hook to pay for the increased debt and for the poor and disadvantaged to pay by having their funding cut to help pay for the rich to get tax cuts.

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