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Ronald Reagan said:
"We must Reject the idea that every time a Law is broken, Society is guilty rather than the Law breaker.
It is time to restore the American precept that EACH Individual is accountable for their own actions."

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Author Topic: so they are going to legalize  (Read 548 times)
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« on: 12 26, 18, 03:01:01:PM » Reply

pot in the near future...for the money...still on the fence...

good for medical reasons, not for recreation...

can't imagine it being legal and folks driving around stoned out of their minds... reactions are questionable... I know cause everybody drives in TN stoned and it's the scariest thing you want to see...first day I was there I saw 5 accidents at the same time... one above the bridge and two below... at the same time mind you... coincident no.... stoned out of their minds...glad I buy throw away cars now...so let the games begin...

bumper cars....

even the newer cars are bumped out...you can count on 1 hand the cars there that aren't bumped out...just go to any parking lot there and see...

crazy....  I tell ya... crazy...
Honored Member

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« Reply #1 on: 12 26, 18, 03:07:21:PM » Reply

you are undereducated and overreacting about pot...like most of your posts
"stoned out of their minds" is way out of line
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« Reply #2 on: 12 26, 18, 09:02:37:PM » Reply

opinion and entitled...

I know what drunk drivers amounts to... seen too many on the road...haven't you?

Pot alters ones mind... reactions are not the same as when you are straight...

paranoia comes to mind...

most of the prisoners in prison are there due to their use of drugs... not selling... using...

the states on one hand are trying to make money and on the other hand...clear the courts of dealers and making room for the real criminals  in the prisons  that break the law after they got high on pot and other drugs...

we deal with crack cocaine, heroin, and prescription drugs all day long...

what is wrong with you blue... are you high on pot?

get away from the computer and look at reality and see what's going on in the real world...
Sr. Member

Posts: 17536

« Reply #3 on: 12 26, 18, 10:32:39:PM » Reply

More dumbed down drivers on the road.... As for medical....that's fine for someone else. I prefer otherwise.
Sr. Member

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Rudeness is the weak man's imitation of strength

« Reply #4 on: 12 26, 18, 11:23:54:PM » Reply

As if driving and texting isn't enough to worry about.
Honored Member

Posts: 2410

« Reply #5 on: 12 27, 18, 05:00:24:AM » Reply

that's right Emily...if I correctly catch your implication

cell phone and texting drivers have become the cause of more accident injuries and deaths than other cause
#2 still alcohol impaired drivers
#3 tired drivers
# way down the list is stoner drivers   
Sr. Member

Posts: 17536

« Reply #6 on: 12 27, 18, 10:26:13:AM » Reply

For now way down the list...wait until it is legal in 50 states...then we can discuss where smoking pot laid back drivers are on that list.
But I say texting and driving is the worst! BTW...I have never sent a text...still have a dumb flip phone. lol
Honored Member

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« Reply #7 on: 12 27, 18, 12:54:17:PM » Reply


doesn't take rocket scientist to figure or see the blood shot eyes of someone on pot... where it is legal in some states what about the states who have not legalized it yet...the stats are not in...


anything that causes accidents on the road like texting... alcohol... etc won't stop accidents... so why put something on the roads that causes any ones death legally...

I don't live in cyberspace... I live in the real... I see and don't miss too many heartbeats most times...

I said on the fence...

 I know pot helps some folks on medical like my niece who has MS... but she's unable to drive...so you're safe... but this recreational crap... wow...

I pray and I do say pray... that if they legalize it all over the country that they make is so unaffordable for recreational use and it stops feeding the government and the idiots that choose to smoke it for recreation...


God told Adam and Eve to partake of all the fruits of the land except the tree of life... which represented destruction of life...

that's what that pot plant represents destruction... it gives illusions that you can do anything...

addiction is the hardest anything to overcome....

this government that loves money more than anything

hates more than you can comprehend

especially if they condone the use of pot for recreation.....
the use of crack, cocaine, heroin and pot are choices that you make....
Honored Member

Posts: 2410

« Reply #8 on: 12 27, 18, 01:01:59:PM » Reply

quit judging luv

the disastrous tales you tell here about your life suggests your judgement is not to be relied on
Honored Member

Posts: 2410

« Reply #9 on: 12 27, 18, 01:05:33:PM » Reply

medical/recreational pot may open your eyes to a better reality that you don't even know exists

if you can handle the truth
Honored Member

Posts: 9994

« Reply #10 on: 12 27, 18, 03:04:00:PM » Reply


not a judge just a realist...until you get out and experience drugs of all kinds you would not think I was judging... you would know for sure...

everybody can't live in your fantasy world....question again... are you high?

keeping it real...

can you?

if you choose to be high on pot...it's your choice....

if you're looking for an argument...it ends here....just don't have the time to waste...
Honored Member

Posts: 2410

« Reply #11 on: 12 27, 18, 03:44:02:PM » Reply

yes you are judging...yes I am experienced and better off for it
you have plenty of time to post your narcissistic life's drama tales


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