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The only Barrier to Truth, Is the belief you already know it. -Voltaire

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Author Topic: someone is interested  (Read 313 times)
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« on: 12 21, 18, 10:06:31:PM » Reply

in purchasing the house in Memphis... I may sell it to them as is... if they come up with the right price... I doubt it but I would like to purchase in a different location away from neighbors like I had planned from the start...told the investor give me enough money to do that and it's a done deal....looking to break even not to profit... these folks don't have that kind of money on hand but we will see...

not excited but hey... I'll listen to a snake any day....lol
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« Reply #1 on: 12 22, 18, 10:24:32:AM » Reply

I would look for a somewhat rural setting, but not so far out it will be difficult when you are older. I hope you sell as is.
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« Reply #2 on: 12 22, 18, 12:27:45:PM » Reply

I'd  love to get out of the dumps I live in... it's been a nightmare in both places...

told the guy I'm not giving the house away...so don't bother me with low ball bidding... what I'm asking he can get back in a 2 years...
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« Reply #3 on: 12 22, 18, 03:27:26:PM » Reply

Always start a bit higher than the bottom line you need.
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Rudeness is the weak man's imitation of strength

« Reply #4 on: 12 22, 18, 03:33:49:PM » Reply

As long as you get your money back, you should cut and run, luv.
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« Reply #5 on: 12 22, 18, 11:08:41:PM » Reply

I just want the next time I purchase a place and if I have neighbors...I just want to see that they care about theirs like I care about mine... no trash, lawns maintained a few flowers and a lot of effort... that's free... effort that is...

we live in a world like not before... times has made changes in most of us...been threw a lot of those....trust that...

we fall down but we have the ability to get up again...

when my lawn service guy in Memphis told me that my house was broken into... then that guy that wants to buy called the same day...I told him I'm on the fence and I am...everything I purchased is in storage in Memphis... had to pull everything apart and when I arrive piece it back again...

Memphis was grand in its day... but nobody knows how bad it has become... Nashville is the way to go in Tennessee...and even then they have the same problems...

it's not the place it's the people...folks are going out voting and thinking that they are doing their part to elect improvements... really?

tell me how that is being done... Trump shut down the government today... for a wall... really?  Spending billions to keep folks out...ever heard of tunnels...really?

Rodney King said "can't we just get along"  or something to that effect...while I understand the reasons... I just don't understand the reasons...will it stop the drugs from entering... really?

at the same time dealers are being let out earlier from prisons if they sold drugs...really?

not to mention that most state are legalizing drugs for profit... something strange about that... could it be we are broke or broken...

rant over...whew!

I have another doctors appointment is the reason I am still here... got to get things cleared up...there are doctors in Memphis... just have to check to see if they will take my medical insurance... state to state changes it... but there's still the VA...safety net... I guess...

plus the weather there is pretty much the same as it is here...January there is fall like and February is spring time... March and April is the hell on earth when it come to temps for me... so... I think I'm going at a good time...and definitely want to be out of there in May...

Anyway... still have a lot to do before I take the drive... I can do it... but it's more of a burden cause of the accident I had coming back... it makes one a little bit more cautious

weather is the biggest concern...
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