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Author Topic: What immigrant caravan?  (Read 59 times)
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« Reply #12 on: 11 08, 18, 11:22:09:PM » Reply

that's where most all the immigrants fleeing violence from south of Mexico end up staying and always have.   
President Trump. BRAVO!!! MAGA!!!
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« Reply #13 on: 11 09, 18, 12:13:26:AM » Reply

What does violence in another Country have to do with OUR Country?

Why is it America's problem?

They are marching through a Country already that is offering them residency.  Why don't they take it?
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« Reply #14 on: 11 09, 18, 06:35:02:AM » Reply

Because of Trump the Migrant caravan is considering staying in Mexico.

what a lie, but if it were true, it would make sense.  because of trump, most foreign travelers would rather go to mexico than here.  or anywhere but here. he is the most hated asshole in the free world, more than putin or little kim.  i guess that is why you bigoted morons all want to blow him and have him grab your pussy without asking. 

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