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Author Topic: Female law professor makes public email from apparently bogus private  (Read 28 times)
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« on: 10 31, 18, 04:37:05:PM » Reply

Hopefully these republican nuts will be going to jail -

The apparent plot to bring down Robert Mueller by bribing women to make false sexual misconduct claims against him appears to have fallen apart, after emails revealed startling details about the conspiracy.

On Tuesday, Jennifer Taub, an associate professor at Vermont Law School, made public an email she received earlier this month in which the sender asked to speak to her regarding “past encounters” with Mr Mueller, who is investigating possible election collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

“I would like to discuss those encounters with you,” the email read. “I believe a basic telephone call, for which I would compensate you at whatever rate you see fit (inside reason), would be a good place to start. My organization is conducting an examination of Robert Mueller’s past.”

The letter, which Ms Taub forwarded on to the special counsel, came from someone claiming to be an employee at a purported private intelligence firm called Surefire Intelligence.

Ms Taub told MSNBC she had "no idea" why the "creepy" email was sent to her, but that she did not know and had never met Mr Mueller.

Her disclosure of the message came after Mr Mueller’s office announced – in a rare public statement – that it had asked the FBI to probe allegations another woman was offered $20,000 to make false accusations against the investigator.

In the email, which has been made public, the woman said she was offered $20,000 to make false sexual assault allegations by a man who said he worked for Surefire Intelligence. The man also offered to pay off her credit card debts, the email claimed.

“I asked him what in the hell he wanted me to do,” the email read. “He said that we could not talk about it on the phone, and he asked me to download an app on my phone called Signal, which he said was more secure.

“Reluctantly, I downloaded the app and he called me on that app a few minutes later. He said (and I will never forget exactly what it was) ‘I want you to make accusations of sexual misconduct and workplace harassment against Robert Mueller, and I want you to sign a sworn affidavit to that effect'.

“He said that he could arrange an additional $10,000 bonus from his client, who he said was a man named Jack Burkman, if I could sign the documents immediately.”

Jack Burkman matches the name of a right-wing conspiracy theorist and prominent Trump supporter, who claims he is about the make public the testimony of a woman alleging Mr Mueller sexually assaulted her.


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