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Why Trump?
Because every once in a while the Eagle has to remind the Vulture WHO he is.

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Author Topic: Brian Kemp poses with White Nationalist  (Read 38 times)
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« on: 10 28, 18, 10:31:25:AM » Reply

One of the merry band of bigots that came to the event to harass and threaten Abrams was James J. Stachowiak, a multiple convicted felon who regularly posts videos instructing his viewers to shoot black people on site.

Despite having never actually served in the U.S. military, James took it upon himself to lecture black women veterans about their responsibilities to the United States. Only through the grace of Jesus, Moses, Buddha, Mohammed (remember that one) and the ghost of beatdowns past, present and future was his nonserving-self allowed to walk out of that event with his teeth intact. If there was a Purple Heart for patience those women earned it that day.

There was very little coverage of James Stachowiack and the Nationalist Liberty Union’s threats at the Stacey Abrams campaign event. Despite them brandishing “Brian Kemp for Governor” signs, the Kemp campaign never disavowed the group nor did any of the major media outlets in Augusta or Atlanta chastise the Republican nominee for not doing so.

Now let’s fast forward a month from that event in Augusta.

September 26: Rep. Kia Morris resigns as the only black elected official in Vermont after sustained racist threats and harassment.

October 23: Georgia Republican gubernatorial nominee Brian Kemp (who also oversees the governor’s election as Secretary of State) is caught on tape complaining that minorities might “Exercise their right to vote” in the governor’s race.

October 23: President Donald Trump declares himself a white nationalist on national television during a rally in Houston for his new best friend Senator Ted Cruz.

October 24: Barack and Michelle Obama, Cory Booker, Eric Holder and Maxine Waters all receive pipe bombs in the mail from a racist Trump supporter (do we need to really specify that anymore?) Cesar Sayoc who is captured just days later. Unharmed.

October 24: 51-year-old, white male Gregory Bush goes on a shooting spree in a Kentucky grocery store, killing two African Americans, allegedly sparing white people by declaring “Whites don’t shoot whites.” He planned on targeting a nearby black church had he not been apprehended. Alive of course.

October 27: At least 11 people are killed in a Pittsburgh synagogue and Robert D. Bowers, 46, the man charged with the killings, is revealed to have antisemitic views, reportedly shouting them during the shooting.

You see where this is headed right? As a wave of white nationalist violence, that endangers people of all races, sweeps the country, some politicians still want to play footsie with the next Cesar Syoc or Gregory Bush for votes or to intimidate minority candidates. Which might explain why a picture surfaced on Friday of Brian Kemp taking selfies with James Stachowiak at a campaign event in Augusta, Ga. in early October. Stachowiak streamed a 25-minute video of himself at the Wild Wing Cafe campaign event wearing a shirt that says, “Allah is not God and Mohammed is not his messenger.” At about the 17:36 mark on his Periscope, Stachowiak takes a selfie with Kemp.
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