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Author Topic: Just thinking  (Read 34 times)
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« on: 09 12, 17, 06:13:35:AM » Reply

I was reading in the news this morning about San Diego and its outbreak of hepatitis due to the fact that the streets are dirty and unsanitary.

Now my thoughts go to Memphis as I told you all before that I was in shock that the city is a garbage dump...

When Memphis Light Gas and Water (MLGW) turns your services off people have no other alternative but to dump their trash on the streets. 

In other words the trash collectors will not pick up your trash...

So the people take their trash and dump it in front of the MLGW sites...

There is a monopoly in that service...

Could this be happening also in San Diego another place I lived for short periods of time and I'm trying to go back in my mind  to think was it dirty then.


Well that was then and this is now.... times are changing...

With all the natural disasters that we're having...Irma for one... Katrina...etc...

Where is that mess going...

 now what comes to mind is all the stuff that we have in our homes that we don't need and won't ever use again where will it go...

Could we have too much of this and not enough of that...

No one should die because of hepatitis cause the streets are unsanitary...

no one...

 just thinking...
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« Reply #1 on: 09 13, 17, 01:38:37:PM » Reply

I guess there are bad areas in most large towns, but I never thought of San Diego other than being the most beautiful and expensive town to live in.  My granddaughter lives there and both she and one of my grandsons attended UC San Diego in La Jolla and we went there to visit and it was lovely. 

I can understand outbreaks like this after bad storms though when it takes a while to clean up all the mess and damage........but this didn't happen in San Diego.
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« Reply #2 on: 09 13, 17, 07:52:31:PM » Reply

to every season
ml king was assassinated in Memphis while supporting a (black) sanitation strike that had Memphis in turmoil

it is possible that ml king was killed over a local/parochial/mob union issue...and not a big picture civil rights issue

or not...james earl ray never came clean before he died 
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« Reply #3 on: 09 13, 17, 10:28:37:PM » Reply


MLK being killed over trash... makes one think about the city buried in trash and the attitude...

MLGW sure haven't changed much...and neither the people...to bury trash on the roads...who would have thought that the city would allow that...

The shame of it all...

who suffers...


Hope that disease not evade..

15 people died in San Diego cause of it...
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