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A "REAL" American would want to know
One Way Or The Other
if an election was stolen.
No matter the winner.

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Author Topic: Choice  (Read 9397 times)
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« on: 12 07, 16, 12:23:47:AM » Reply

The devil is an active force... if you don't believe it then just continue to read the news online,  local radio, tv...etc...

The sinful nature of people it's something else... when you sin it's by your choice...

the only real thing that we take with us before the King of Kings on our judgement day...is our choice and decisions we made in our lives...not the cars, houses, money, and other stuff we obtain in our earthly lives...it's all meaningless...

our choices are the only thing that matters....

I was reading the book of Job in the Bible...

God and the devil had a       conversation about Job...

Job ...one of God's faithful follower... the devil challenged God and made a wager on whether Job was a true follower... but God told the devil in so many words... he's mines...

The devil put Job to the test... he gave Job health problems, financial problems, relative problems... problems... problems...and more  problems....there were so many problems that Job wanted to have to face to face with God... well we all know that if you've ever seen God you will truly die...

so that didn't happen...

he pleaded to God... why have you allowed the devil to give me all these problems... let's talk....he was in agony...cursed by the devil...

The devil sent in 3 advisors to Job and they gave their opinions for all the reasons Job was having all those problem... but they were not completely truthful....but Job listened....

was he fooled??? was he confused??? something the Devil loves to do....

we all know the Devil is a liar right...Job may have been slightly convinced by these  3 advisors...the devil thought he was winning the wager....

the fourth advisor gave Job his opinion sternly ....

how dare you want to have a face to face with the creator... can't you see what God has done... He created the whole world... and everything in it...don't you still  believe that???

Well Job faithfulness snapped back in place and apologized to God for questioning His judgement...

The devil lost in this case....

Job lived on and with time was restored to his former self...adding so much more .....

Job remained faithful to God to his end...

The moral of the story was Job's choice....

There are so many influences in the world good and bad... but we must choose to remain faithful to God ...

the consequences for good is everlasting life and the consequences for bad is death...

Your choice.....

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 |  Religion  |  Christianity  |  Topic: Choice
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