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Ronald Reagan said:
"We must Reject the idea that every time a Law is broken, Society is guilty rather than the Law breaker.
It is time to restore the American precept that EACH Individual is accountable for their own actions."

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Author Topic: You people need to quit picking on President Obama.  (Read 401 times)
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Democrats are all Communists

« on: 08 18, 10, 12:02:22:PM » Reply

You people need to stop picking on President Obama, you are all racists and just do it because he is a black President. He saved this country from a depression, he closed Gitmo, he lowered taxes, he unified the country, he ended the war in Iraq, he is winning the war in Afghanistan, he works very hard and seldom thinks of himself, he has joined Christians and Muslims in harmony, he has put the fear of the U.S. into Iran and North Korea, he is tops. He also has created and saved many many Jobs.
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« Reply #1 on: 08 18, 10, 12:46:11:PM » Reply

It's Presi-debt Obama, With 5 or 10 trillion more in debt, just think how much more he can do. Might even get 30% private sector unemployment, and everyone else works for Democrats, slaves to Taxes
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« Reply #2 on: 08 18, 10, 02:57:37:PM » Reply

yeah healh care for all is real evil
for the "I got mine"  crowd especially the feeders at the public tit
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