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The only Barrier to Truth, Is the belief you already know it. -Voltaire

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Author Topic: the ground zero muslims  (Read 571 times)
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« on: 08 17, 10, 03:24:24:PM » Reply

are arguing among themselves as to whether to go ahead with their plans or not
one group wishes to go elsewhere to avoid a fight
an opposing group wants to stay and fight bigotry
hmm, just like real americans
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« Reply #1 on: 08 17, 10, 03:44:09:PM » Reply

this is certainly a sad situation, where you have a group of emotionally handicapped individuals who choose to stay segregated and ignorant.  They are actually trying to Lord over who enjoys these freedoms.
its twisted
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Formerly known as lm-oregon

« Reply #2 on: 08 17, 10, 03:50:53:PM » Reply

case actually read my wikipedia contribution posted for all of our intellectual education and all, didn't he?

I mean really, case - you would know better if you had.

70 years out the Catholic Church trying to interject papal presence on Auschwitz's sacred ground time and time again - has made little if any headway - and only ongoingly caused additional pain and suffering to very real humans. Why is tha,t people? Perhaps because Auschwitz and 9/11 (and the blocks surrounding the World Trade Center that were all a part of the Muslim terrorists targetted area) are sacred and indescrible reverent no man's land in regard to politicized religious pursuits. Politicized anything, to be succinct.

Telling the country traumatized by 9/11 that you are including a community center and gym in this one mosque to appease all of the suffering and pain and indescrible ongoing trauma of it all - the actions of those Muslims that planned out and carried out 9/11 in the name of Islam - is what it is. Insufficient and disrespectful. Just as the Pope had no right trying to suggest a Catholic Church or symbol needed to be constructed on the site or near the site of Auschwitz.

Not an opportunity for (select and suspect) Muslims to pursue "agenda's" by demanding this mosque be constructed where they desire. Blocks from 9/11. And in my opinion - as a American who hold her president accountable for all of his words and actions - an inappropriate topic for our president to be interjecting himself into purposefully and intentionally. 100 percent.  Shame on him.
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« Reply #3 on: 08 17, 10, 04:05:57:PM » Reply

first off it ain't a GD mosque
and all the rest of your argument is similarly based on misinformation
a bunch of nuns do not represent the church
see why I don't read your pastes ?
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Formerly known as lm-oregon

« Reply #4 on: 08 17, 10, 04:15:24:PM » Reply

case - you insult intelligent people. You really do.
I pointed you to the rationale and the absurdity of the proposed action by this select group of "misguided' Muslims - and you refuse to acknowledge as much.
Shame on you. You KNOW better.
When all Muslim sympathizers trying their damned to try and justify any of this - community center or gym included- know better too.
Make this a religious issue. A politicized gain or loss for the president. A demand by all Muslims that must be "met" or the impacted people of this country, of this world that consider ground zero and its surrounding blocks to be sacred and reverent - have no vioce, too. No right to consider ground zero as sacred and reverent as Auschwitz was and is and continues to be 70+ years later?
Or do you presume to spit on the sacredness of sanctity of this georgraphic location in New York and the blocks directly surrounding it - which ALL were and are realistically a part of the intentional scope included TERORRIOSTICALLY by those that carried out their actions on 9/11?
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This Little Piggi Gets Wee Wee'd Up All The Way Hm

« Reply #5 on: 08 17, 10, 04:26:42:PM » Reply


cas proves his unAmerican attitudes here every day.

I asked if he's be happier in Canada but he won't get his mo. Gvt. stipend if he moves there.

always some lame excuse from him ,   
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« Reply #6 on: 08 17, 10, 04:54:38:PM » Reply

you know me  a stickler for truth
and not about to get into a he said she said  discussion
suffice to say if I say so it's true
those muslims have two choices demand their rights or knuckle under to bigotry
and everything else is bullshit
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Formerly known as lm-oregon

« Reply #7 on: 08 17, 10, 05:25:02:PM » Reply

choice three - Muslims in New York could sit down WITH THEIR PRESIDENT (yours and mine too) and admit a Mosque by any name at the precise or damn near the precise (just ask any New York City cabbie) of Ground Zero was bonkers.
But then Obama was only in "it" for the political gain (or so Rahm Emmanuel hoped), just as some Muslims MIGHT have thought this a good idea before they were challenged to actually think beyond themselves.
What's "wrong' with suggesting this all has been an absurd exercise in wrongfully politicizing the better deserving Muslim people who truly are a peaceful people.
Nothing cleans up or justified 9/11. Then or now. The geographic land in and near 9/11 will require our country's upmost reverence and sacred attention forever  - as Auschwitz will always require people never, ever forgetting what happened to innocent undeserving people there, too.
Quit demeaning any peripheral Muslim by suggesting they can't simply and respectfully abide by Americans (and all of us are collective victim of 9/11 - not just some of us)  having a right to not tolerate a Mosque/ball bouncing venue within this sacred ground's midst. 
I don't have to - nor will I ever - apologize to anyone, my President included - for my opinion about any of this.
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