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If Kamala wins the Deep State wins and RIGHTS will slowly be forfeited.
Ask yourself "Where else on this planet will you find them?" (you won't)

VOTE TRUMP. Make America - "America" Again.

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Author Topic: The last American cowboy...  (Read 816 times)
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« on: 08 03, 10, 07:10:25:PM » Reply

This is an excellent series...
I happen to know some of the Galt ranching family and seeing what the Stuckys went through really touched me...I spent a couple of summers on a high country ranch helping my friend Roxanne, who was my age and living with her dad during the summers.  Our job was to curry, brush and feed all the horses so they were ready for the hands to use each day.  Cattle were pastured in the high country in the summer and the hands would drive sickly cattle back to ranch, which also was our job to check on the sequestered cattle...we hayed and scooped crap and then had to do kitchen duty after the cowboys were fed...I was about 11 and 12..and my parents had no qualms about me staying on a ranch up in the mountains all summer long-they would spend weekends at our cabin and Roxanne and I would get a ride down sometimes to visit, ride dirt bikes, and fish and climb the mountains with my brothers...
truly, family farming and ranching is a dying breed...taken over by corporate farms and cheap, foreign markets.  This is why I always urge everyone to read those meat labels at the store...if it says ANYTHING but US beef...why would you buy it?  Our grocery stores have been selling a "combo" of Mexican, Canadian, Australian and US beef...what the hell?
We buy all our beef from a local butcher north of us, who gets all his meat from a local, organic rancher...
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 |  General Discussion (Anxiety Free Zone)  |  TV / Movies  |  Topic: The last American cowboy...
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