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The reason the Left is pushing this 'White Supremacist'
mantra is against the Right is because they are sooo
damned afraid of losing the Black Vote, that they have to Lie..

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Author Topic: Debates now on CNN  (Read 1155 times)
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how cool that chemtrail can change profiles

« Reply #12 on: 09 17, 15, 05:44:17:AM » Reply

That's funny.  JW trying to DIS Reagan with his uploaded "Pics", and yet Reagan is still the Best President since Kennedy.   <hahahahaha>

to a loudmouthed sissy like you, maybe, chemtrail.  all of those reagan headlines in that picture ARE TRUE...but truth means nothing to punk blowhards like chemtrail, do they, chemtrail?  you prefer your right wing la-la land lies, as brought to you by Fox, a totally pwned subsidiary of the GOP.  he did break the law when he traded guns for hostages, held by iranians.  he did break the law when he gave arms to the right wing terrorists in guatemala.  he even admitted doing so, just like bush admitted iraq had no wmds, had no ties to al qaeda BEFORE we invaded and had no ties to 9/11 whatsoever.  even though he and his warmongering cronies KEPT INSISTING THEY DID FOR ABOUT A YEAR LEADING UP TO THE LYING INVASION.  but you teabaggers would rather focus on emails from 2 years ago that may or may not have been erased and may or may not have been even considered classified info. 

and what lies, emily?  really?  you are this uninformed you have to ask what lies did these lying assholes spew while on stage?  let me count the ways:

Fact check: Sen. Ted Cruz's criticism of the Iran nuclear agreement.

"There are several facilities in Iran they designate as military facilities that are off-limit altogether," the Texas senator said. "Beyond that, the other facilities, we give them 24 days' notice before inspecting them. That is designed to allow them to hide the evidence and most astonishingly, this agreement trusts the Iranians to inspect themselves."

The Additional Protocol, which Iran signed onto under the nuclear agreement, allows the International Atomic Energy Agency, a U.N. nuclear watchdog agency, to seek access to any site, including military sites.

Cruz's assertion falsely suggests that all nuclear inspections in Iran would be conducted by the Iranians, but without access to the full document, it's unclear exactly how inspections at Parchin will proceed. And the assertion that military facilities are entirely off-limits is also false.


Fact check: Donald Trump says Wisconsin is losing $2.2 billion.

In November 2014, the Wisconsin Department of Administration said state agencies' budget requests would exceed expected revenues by $2.2 billion dollars for the 2015-2017 budget cycle.

However, Wisconsin is required by state law to balance its budget. Therefore, state lawmakers cut spending, including slashing funding for the University of Wisconsin by $250 million (and cuts to the state highway fund). The budget that Gov. Scott Walker signed in July did not have a deficit.(they just cut a shitload of vital projects and programs to make up for the shortfall)


Fact check: Bush says U.S. has failed to bolster ties to any nation under Obama.

President Barack Obama has reopened ties with at least two countries that the U.S. had no diplomatic relations with when he entered office.

In 2012, the Obama administration renewed full diplomatic ties with Myanmar, which had been an international pariah for more than two decades over the crackdown of its military government on the pro-democracy movement. Obama has visited the country twice as president.

This year, Obama renewed relations with Cuba, meeting the country's leader, Raul Castro, at a summit in Panama and officially reopening the U.S. embassy in Havana last month.

America's diplomatic ties to other countries, including Israel, have been strained under Obama, as Obama has acknowledged in some cases. But it's not accurate to suggest that all U.S. relationships abroad have suffered under Obama.

Don't hate me because I am beautiful
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Posts: I am a geek!!

how cool that chemtrail can change profiles

« Reply #13 on: 09 17, 15, 05:47:49:AM » Reply

Fact check: Trump says he never lobbied Bush for casinos in Florida.

Bush knocked Trump, saying, "The one guy that had special interests that I know of that tried to get me to change my views and was generous and gave me money was Donald Trump. He wanted casino gambling in Florida."

Trump flatly replied, "No, I didn't."

But although Trump himself never personally appealed to Bush for casino gambling in Florida, he had lobbyists do so on his behalf, and he ultimately lost. Trump hosted a high-dollar fundraiser for Bush in 1998, shortly before he won office, and gave $50,000 to the Florida Republican Party. But upon taking office, Bush stuck to his stance against gambling and Trump's proposed casino never materialized.


Fact check: Bobby Jindal says letting more Syrian refugees into the U.S. would involve a circumvention of the normal immigrant vetting process.

"The answer to this is not to put a Band-Aid on this and allow even more people to come into America," Jindal said at the first debate. "We should not short-circuit the vetting process -- we've got a normal vetting process. Simply allowing more people into our country doesn't solve this problem," Jindal said.

Actually, the increase the Obama administration is proposing would be managed through the normal process within the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program.

The 10,000 refugees the administration plans to admit in fiscal year 2016 will follow this multi-step process, which involved registering with the United Nations High Commission for Refugees, then undergoing a physical exam, interview and interagency security vetting.

Once they've completed this process, the refugees will be referred to approved sponsor agencies in the U.S. that will facilitate their integration into American life.

The president of the United States, in consultation with Congress, sets the quota for how many refugees can be admitted through the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program at the beginning of each fiscal year, and can change that number mid-year if there is a humanitarian refugee crisis.


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« Reply #14 on: 09 17, 15, 05:51:05:AM » Reply

What your byline is missing Jockwhiffer.
Reagan did it FOR AMERICA
Mullah Obama did it FOR ISALMIC TERRORIST.
I doubt you have the intelligence to grasp the reality.
Don't hate me because I am beautiful
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Posts: I am a geek!!

how cool that chemtrail can change profiles

« Reply #15 on: 09 17, 15, 05:59:27:AM » Reply

What your byline is missing Jockwhiffer.

Reagan did it FOR AMERICA

Mullah Obama did it FOR ISALMIC TERRORIST.  (what is an isalmic terrorist?  is that like balsamic vinegar?  or what?  dumbass.)
I doubt you have the intelligence to grasp the reality.

president obama did what for a terrorist, stupid shit?  so reagan broke the law by giving arms to iran, a UN embargo that we GOT PASSED IN THE UN and our own domestic law about dealing with iran in any weapons sales, in order to get dough to give more arms to send to right wing terrorists in guatemala which WAS ALSO SPECIFICALLY AGAINST UNITED STATES LAW, was somehow for America?  how, dumbass? do you even know what iran-contra was about, dipshit?
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« Reply #16 on: 09 17, 15, 06:08:46:AM » Reply

Diversion from the debates?   LOL...
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« Reply #17 on: 09 17, 15, 06:30:18:AM » Reply

president obama did what for a terrorist, stupid shit?
ROFL - I can never figure out how far Hoosier has his head up Obama's ass, "shoulder deep" just doesn't work. Hussein Obama OPENLY ADMITTED ON NATIONAL TV that the money he is going to give to Iran WILL IN FACT FUND TERRORIST.
Spin it anyway you can whore BOY..You're Jim Jones like devotion and complete stupidity is very very obvious, This is not only my opinion but FACTS to be obtained from many sources, you can deny all you want it will NEVER change the FACT that Hussein Obama is PERSONALLY supplying material support to the number one state sponsor of terrorism.
I hope I spelled everything rite..<Insert your standard "fuck fuck Bush, chickenshit racist intelligence here>
White House 'Nearly Certain' Iran Will Still Fund Terrorism
Don't hate me because I am beautiful
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Posts: I am a geek!!

how cool that chemtrail can change profiles

« Reply #18 on: 09 17, 15, 06:35:09:AM » Reply

if you define iran as a terrorist country, which we do, that is a no-brainer, bitch.  tell that to england, france, germany, the UN, canada, japan, and all of our other major allies who have all supported this deal as the best way going forward.  you right wing dickheads are wrong.  you and a slight majority of the israeli people, and saudi arabia, are the only ones on the planet AGAINST THIS DEAL....why do you think dumbass teabagger warmongers have a clue, stupid?  they are only about twice as smart as you. 
Don't hate me because I am beautiful
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Posts: I am a geek!!

how cool that chemtrail can change profiles

« Reply #19 on: 09 17, 15, 07:24:16:AM » Reply

we KNOW SAUDI ARABIA FUNDS TERRORISM...DUH....AL QAEDA....BIN LADEN....ISIS....any of these names ringing any bells, dumbass?  who do you think supports these radical right wing terrorists in the name of the most radical form of islam?  and how many sweetheart military deals have we given them?  how many times have we let them slide when we catch them funding these right wing fundamentalist terrorists?

* bush laden.jpg (48.59 KB, 400x380 - viewed 68 times.)

* bush in love.jpg (41.53 KB, 550x400 - viewed 85 times.)

* bush snuggums.bmp (208.18 KB, 319x222 - viewed 66 times.)
When someone claims to have an Open Mind they are soon shocked, dismayed, and offended that there actually are other views.
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What would they do without Anecdotals or Snark

« Reply #20 on: 09 17, 15, 04:51:04:PM » Reply


Did I mention how I find it amazing how Hoosier reminds me so much of Trump?
How can they not be related.  I create one short paragraph statement, and he responds with TWO posts!

Did I mention they are both Blowhards, loud mouths, overly acting tough for the crowd as if the crowd gives a carp, has a hard time shutting up, runs his little mouth longer than necessary, mixes unalike topics as if they are somehow relevant, continually repeats himself, continually repeats himself, continually repeats himself, and over-explains nonsensically that which only required a simple response. 

I mean, honestly, Cluster Muffin, I'm sure I must have...
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« Reply #21 on: 09 17, 15, 05:15:36:PM » Reply

This "debate" was formulated by CNN to turn the GOP candidates on each other.  They, CNN, were very successful in the execution of their plan.  Some of the candidates tried to steer clear of the trap, but alas they were not successful.

Six o f those on stage last night are not qualified to be President.  Those would be the three outsiders and the three first term Senators.

I want a current or former governor.
I know you know what I think I wrote, but I'm not sure you realize that what you read is not what I meant.
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A goal without a plan, is just a wish.

« Reply #22 on: 09 17, 15, 05:36:08:PM » Reply

The candidates who's rating in the polls are single digits, should drop out or be dropped.  They are nothing but excess baggage...
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« Reply #23 on: 09 17, 15, 06:35:08:PM » Reply

when one reads all the posts on this subject

it becomes increasingly clear that

the republicans have nobody who can be presidential
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