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The only Barrier to Truth, Is the belief you already know it. -Voltaire

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Author Topic: The truth dems will deny  (Read 445 times)
Evil does not exist within a gun. It exists in the minds and hearts of those who pull the trigger for evil purposes.---Laus Deo
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« on: 07 09, 15, 06:03:56:PM » Reply

Quite an interesting read on the history of the Battle Flag and the pro slavery democrat party.  Seem this proves as I have said all along...Republicans are the true fighters for the Black population and dems only use them for political expediency.

Listening to the incessant racist whining from the political left, one would think that the raising of the Confederate battle flag on the statehouse lawn in South Carolina is a well-conceived suicide plot by conservatives and Republicans.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.  After two decades of relative quiet, the mass killings at Charleston’s Emanuel AME church, has brought the Confederate battle flag back to center stage as a major national political issue.  The deranged assassin who murdered nine people in cold blood during a bible study class had a representation of the Confederate battle flag and the flags of the apartheid regimes in South Africa and Rhodesia emblazoned on his clothing.  Clearly, he was a lone wolf race-hater, more than likely a registered Democrat, who simply hated black people.  Nevertheless, his affection for the Confederate flag has returned the flag to prominence as a symbol of racism in America.
The battle flag was first adopted in December 1861 and has served as a symbol of Southern ancestry and heritage ever since.  However, the flag was never officially adopted by the Confederacy and never flew over any of the southern capitols during the Civil War.  It is likely the flag would have remained a museum piece and a symbol of pride in southern culture and heritage had it not been adopted by the KKK, the paramilitary arm of the Democrat Party, and used symbolically by Dixiecrats during the 1948 presidential election.
In 1962, Democratic governor Ernest Hollings’ and a Democrat-controlled legislature caused the flag to be flown over the South Carolina Statehouse, beneath the U.S. flag, where it would fly for the next thirty-eight years.  Then, in 2000, the state legislature voted to move the flag from above the Statehouse to a Confederate soldiers’ memorial in front of the capitol building.  And while the flag has always served as a symbol of the courage of those who were conscripted to serve in the Army of Northern Virginia, and as a visible memorial to the 135,000 sons of the South who lost their lives in the American Civil War, racial agitators on the political left have never failed to use the flag to divide the American people along racial and political lines.
Liberals and Democrats have been very successful in convincing the American people that, in the years between 1854 and the 1960s, there were, in effect, two Democratic parties… the southern Democrats, who were pro-slavery secessionists and segregationists, and northern Democrats, who were devout abolitionists.  That simply is not the case.  While there were many northern Democrats who were as much opposed to slavery as Republicans, northern Democrats were often just as opposed to the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments and to Republican-sponsored cavil rights legislation of the post-Civil War era as were their southern counterparts.
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« Reply #1 on: 07 09, 15, 07:03:04:PM » Reply

who signed the civil rights act?
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« Reply #2 on: 07 09, 15, 08:46:50:PM » Reply

next time only post stuff younunderstand
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« Reply #3 on: 07 09, 15, 11:19:35:PM » Reply

Only a misinformed right-wingnut imbecile like jst-the-IDIOT would find "truth" in a historically inaccurate piece of garbage written by racist and Islamophobe Dr. Rich Swier.
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Obama shit on Blacks, They are Arab toilets.

« Reply #4 on: 07 10, 15, 08:46:28:AM » Reply

Ike signed the Civil rights act,,, you have been told that a hundred time and are too stupoid to have it sink in..

1965 hawk,, your claims here don't mean shit in the face of actual history.  So Just WTF did you bother for unless you are a sicko that Hates too much to see.  Take you camel humping ass to the other side.
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This Little Piggi Gets Wee Wee'd Up All The Way Hm

« Reply #5 on: 07 10, 15, 08:47:36:PM » Reply

You do know that 69BirdBrain is only here because of his shame for the leftist

Progressive Democrats racist hateful anti-American parties terrible historic past and their present.

He thinks he can build himself and his party of hate up by lying about the right and our

Shared common history, what loser, huh!   LOL!
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« Reply #6 on: 07 10, 15, 09:02:58:PM » Reply

fuck off pedo
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This Little Piggi Gets Wee Wee'd Up All The Way Hm

« Reply #7 on: 07 11, 15, 03:01:44:AM » Reply

Blow me ya sicko pervert child molestor!
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« Reply #8 on: 07 13, 15, 06:53:43:PM » Reply

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« Reply #9 on: 07 13, 15, 07:44:41:PM » Reply

I see you got waz all excited
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This Little Piggi Gets Wee Wee'd Up All The Way Hm

« Reply #10 on: 07 14, 15, 05:57:38:PM » Reply


he must know how you are, pervert !
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