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Author Topic: Best ISIS Recruiting Video Ever!  (Read 2282 times)
« Reply #24 on: 03 06, 15, 04:11:19:PM » Reply

You have CIA lies in your mouth!!

I once seen your Gerber Baby food in jars with a picture of the baby inside on the outside!!

you have an insane country!!@!@
Sr. Member

Posts: 89418

« Reply #25 on: 03 06, 15, 06:09:56:PM » Reply

it's not babies it's baby

just one baby

therefore even a madrassas student would know that one baby would never fill

all those jars

it is what we entrepeneurs call an eye catcher

you know

who doesn't like babies ?
« Reply #26 on: 03 08, 15, 08:31:47:AM » Reply

So you admit that there is more than one babies in Baby Food!!!!! and you brag about it!!!!!


and you uses "eye-catchers" -

it must be a fiendish device if there ever was one!!!!!!!! I cringe thinking about it!!!!

tell me Infidel, does babies taste just like chicken?Huh?

you are NASTY!!!!
Sr. Member

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« Reply #27 on: 03 08, 15, 11:06:09:AM » Reply

oh I get it

yer stupid

you can't read

even numbers mystify you
« Reply #28 on: 03 08, 15, 03:05:13:PM » Reply

I think you try to insult me but you cannot you are too much a pervert who eats horrid things.

Hell awaits you!

You can hasten your way there by eating more cats or I can help you

beheading is a good way

I thought it might be very painful but just the other day I was beheading an Infidel American and he looked at me in the middle of it and said "hey, dude, this isn't as bad as I heard it was."

I said "shut up and don't call me dude, Infidel!" and he shrugged and I cut off his head.

Now you think you can insult me?


Your mother eats cats too!

Let that sink in!!!
Sr. Member

Posts: 89418

« Reply #29 on: 03 08, 15, 03:30:01:PM » Reply

an honest factual diagnosis cannot be an insult
« Reply #30 on: 03 08, 15, 06:27:17:PM » Reply

then you are not insulted when i tell you that your cat-eating and baby-eating and the other disgusting Infidel habits are going to go not well for you!!!
Sr. Member

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« Reply #31 on: 03 09, 15, 05:21:42:PM » Reply


what is actually not going well for me is an attempt to civilize you

too bad too,  you do seem able to spell some words
« Reply #32 on: 03 12, 15, 09:13:43:AM » Reply

We have NEW civilization!!! I will teach YOU, Infidel!!

I would explain more but I am so tired this evening because we have been rehearing all day for a new video

Mustafa the ISIS choreographer makes us march and do quick-step formations for hours and hours
- as if he's on Broadway with that red scarf he wears around his neck and playing those old 1980s dance songs - personally I think he's light in his sandals if you know what I mean.

So I will continue to try to convert you but later when I'm not so sleepy.
« Reply #33 on: 03 14, 15, 07:54:24:AM » Reply

you know, just the other day I was talking to God about ISIS and various other things

he's actually easy to talk to, and surprisingly well-informed.

For instance, he knows not only this weeks'top-ten songs in every country on the planet, he also knows next weeks' top ten - in advance.

And he has an opinion on everything too - TV, for example.. he thinks "Revenge" went on a season too long and that Fox cancelled the X-Files too soon [he blames Duchovny for that, actually - too ambitious with his wanting to make movies instead of TV shows].

He told some great jokes, too, but I was laughing so much I can't remember any of them.

He even laughed a little at a couple of mine...had a great conversation!

But I had trouble talking to God over one minor matter -

he sneezed, and I didn't know what to say.

Sr. Member

Posts: 89418

« Reply #34 on: 03 16, 15, 06:19:47:PM » Reply


at least yer record is intact
« Reply #35 on: 03 18, 15, 07:16:52:AM » Reply

Who is this heretic claiming to talk with Allah?

At least caserio does not seem to make fun of Allah!!!

Unless he's doing it without me noticing!!!!

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