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How to tell when someone is Brainwashed with Lies.
"Anyone that will believe a Man can become a Woman, then there
is nothing they won't swallow, no camel to big to go down their throat,
no totalitarian Lie they won't rush to embody." -Jordan Peterson

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Author Topic: Right-Wing now hates POW/MIA's  (Read 1325 times)
« on: 06 04, 14, 06:48:13:AM » Reply

LOTS of our guys "walked away" during the Vietnam War - some were rumored to have ended up in the USSR - but the POW/MIA flags you see evrywhere are for THEM TOO because we really don't know the circumstances of each missing troop..

Now - the far-right is so insane with hate that they betray the rock-solid principle that we get our guys back first and figure it out later - the lynch mob assembling over Bergdahl BEFORE THE FACTS ARE ALL KNOWN is DISGUSTING.
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« Reply #1 on: 06 04, 14, 12:59:56:PM » Reply

if you pause a minute to remember the hatred that existed for blacks for years

you will understand the negative commentary on any action that obama takes

there is no doubt that mental illness is an ever growing problem with wars

of choice

they have to be sold with hyperbolic claptrap that soon is exposed as lying making

the fighter feel like a fool
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