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The only Barrier to Truth, Is the belief you already know it. -Voltaire

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Author Topic: treating people with respect  (Read 32 times)
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« on: 02 01, 14, 04:17:41:PM » Reply

all people
is a hallmark of the obama administration
Obama to Visit Saudi Arabia in March
The Wall Street Journal
 · 8 hours ago

"We do not have any additional trips to announce at this time," said Bernadette Meehan, a National Security Council spokeswoman. Mr. Obama's stop in Saudi Arabia will be added to a March trip to Europe ... of a Russian
and not one bit of oil man camaraderie
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Formerly known as lm-oregon

« Reply #1 on: 02 01, 14, 05:01:20:PM » Reply

Sooooooo if only Mr. Obama played himself some basketball with Dennis Rodman and his crew of retired millionaire CHECKED OUT NBA "stars" there would be peace in North Korea, South Korea and the entire world too.

Because why again - Mr. Obama is coming to town?

Hmmm - perhaps Mr. Obama should be playing basketball with INNOCENT CIVILIANS worldwide - instead of ordering up armed drones and cruelly blowing them apart by the thousands and thousands and thousands?

Hmmm - do you think civilians worldwide believe Mr. Obama visiting anywhere equates to "respectful" peace intending?

Come on.... caserio. Really?
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« Reply #2 on: 02 01, 14, 05:11:19:PM » Reply

cas knows that reasonable discourse is foreign to you
but trust me
on the world stage it works 100% better than "my way or the highway"
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This Little Piggi Gets Wee Wee'd Up All The Way Hm

« Reply #3 on: 02 02, 14, 04:55:19:PM » Reply

The lefts 'selling out America' is never the way to go

as the Kenyan Marxist Muslim Homo Bastard Usurper in the WH proves
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