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How to tell when someone is Brainwashed with Lies.
"Anyone that will believe a Man can become a Woman, then there
is nothing they won't swallow, no camel to big to go down their throat,
no totalitarian Lie they won't rush to embody." -Jordan Peterson

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Author Topic: I pushed for the law that made me lose my Doctor  (Read 1483 times)
« on: 01 28, 14, 08:55:51:PM » Reply

That's right, it was me - I pushed for that new law that forced Senators like me to buy health insurance on the Obamacare exchanges - then I deliberately bought a plan from a network that doesn't include my oncologist, then I went to the media and claimed that Obamacare made me lose my doctor.

But I didn't even lose my doctor  I'm a Senator - I can afford to pay him out of pocket.

So the whole "I lost my doctor because of Obamacare" is just, you know, politics.

OK, it's a flat-out lie, but so what?

We all are one page here, right? Hate Obama - PERIOD.


Here's my healthcare proposal.
If you get sick and lose your insurance, start knocking on your neighbors' doors and ask for help.  Hold a bake sale. Sell all of your possessions, your car, your house.

Whatever you can do to raise some cash.

I actually said that during a PBS interview a few years ago and I meant it.

Whatever - just don't come to the taxpayers for bailing out of your irresponsibility.

 If you had saved instead of spending all of your money on junk food and NASCAR cable TV subscriptions you'd have money to pay the insurance bill.

I'm serious.

-Senator Tom Coburn [R]
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« Reply #1 on: 01 30, 14, 11:45:31:AM » Reply

the eminent doctor coburn knows for a fact that a long expensive bout with cancer

is due to bad spending habits and is to be punished with righteous indignation
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« Reply #2 on: 02 01, 14, 11:11:39:PM » Reply

even people with good insurance, good life styles, good spending habits
get cancer
insurance for all is only fair
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