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The only Barrier to Truth, Is the belief you already know it. -Voltaire

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Author Topic: Sunday  (Read 48 times)
Honored Member

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« on: 10 21, 13, 11:37:48:AM » Reply

Got dressed up to go to Burger King ....lol....Chicken sandwich is just too salty for my taste but they have strawberry milkshake that is so special....
stop it...
ate in and felt like a fool... but hey...what can I say....
Well today is the last days of whatever season this is...forecast of snow next week... and well it's time isn't it...
the leaves have yet to fall off the trees and I just don't know why...
Here it's time to plant grass so again I will replant grass... something I have to do cause of dog pee and crack head stupidity...
Grass and flowers are gifts from God... I didn't create them ... I just maintain them regardless of the demons that are trying so hard to destroy them......to them I say good luck... cause anything that God created can not be destroyed... nothing... think about it...and even with the demon influences and their destruction somewhere down the road it will be cleaned up and given back to God in perfect conditions....and all the demon influences will no longer exist...imagine how that will be...thank God for foresight...
no more  of that for now cause I know what you are thinking... but this is how I think every second....
Today I will do the brush fire thing...and placing the water fountain... I hope it's not an all day thing... cause that will be something I can't do....all day...
Clothes line comes down... and nicely tucked away for spring...will not be planting bulb this year... the rabbit have cleaned up most of them... and I'm not feeding them no more...ok...
Back to annuals--most likely from the marigold seeds I have all ready pick from the flowers  for the spring plantings....
Want to prune the front  trees and maybe the demon neighbors will call the police and tell them I'm destroying city property... but it's a safety issue... can not walk out front anymore wondering if those damn things are going to fall and kill somebody or damage a car or whatever...I know the tree roots have lifted and cracked the sidewalks... historical my ass...
Called recreation and parks who suppose to cut them... but that was years ago and like everything else... they wait till after something happens...like falling on someone's car or house...
all year these trees...produce  the spring cleaning buds... summer it's the helicopter droppings and the fall brings leaves and the winter brings dead branches and winter snow cause damage especially if the branches are already weak..... these damn things have to go... I want to take the framing gun and pop copper nails into the trunks...but I will let nature take it's course...shucks...
These trees would be perfect for parks and not in the front of homes... what were they thinking???  Never mind!
I'm think firewood...lol
Ok... now that's enough!
Oh! Good Morning!
Sr. Member

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« Reply #1 on: 10 21, 13, 03:08:34:PM » Reply

Firewood sounds great. :-)
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