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The reason the Left is pushing this 'White Supremacist'
mantra is against the Right is because they are sooo
damned afraid of losing the Black Vote, that they have to Lie..

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Author Topic: Who is Huma Abedin? Mentors, friends, family, and Company you keep.  (Read 7106 times)
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~Well-behaved women seldom make history~

« Reply #108 on: 07 20, 12, 12:51:19:PM » Reply

Ah, I see...thanks for that information...
Then the other part of my statement stands...
We've sometimes seen just how poorly some people are vetted...and I think she has been put into a very precarious position publicly, because of her idiot husband...but she and Hellary have kind of a sisterhood now...philandering hubbies...if something is proven that she has ties to any terrorism, I would hope this nation would do the right thing, but given the current atmosphere, I am not so sure that would happen.  Sweeping things under the rug seems to be a democrat hallmark...
I still do not believe that Michelle Bachmann is a suitable representative...she is too extreme and much of what she does is only for provocation.  She is in Congress to follow the will of the people and represent in their best interests.  To do so, if she feels these ties are unbecoming a member of obama's staff, then she needs to follow the appropriate steps to investigate...not make inflammatory statements that put us all in a bad light.
« Reply #109 on: 07 20, 12, 01:08:40:PM » Reply

(( I knew you wouldn't touch the Romney Aide analogy with a ten foot pole.  I said so. ))

Does the KKK even exist now.  It it does it must not be all that active.  Never hear much about them anymore...

Besides what the big deal with the KKK.  Presidents who were members of the KKK:

President Warren G. Harding, President Woodrow Wilson, President McKinley, President Calvin Coolidge, and President Harry S. Truman.  There are Many other Klansman who became famous for other reasons.

Gutzon Borglum the artist who carved Mt. Rushmore, Stone Mountain, and also did work on the base of the Statue of Liberty was a Klansman.

So stop trying to condem/attack  people just because they might belong to a group you don't like...


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« Reply #110 on: 07 20, 12, 02:59:47:PM » Reply

Disgraced ex-Congressman Anthony Weiner has been raising his public profile, but his People magazine feature this week with wife Huma Abedin was a Clinton-crafted effort meant to help her get a job — not him, sources told the Daily News.

Abedin is a top aide to Secretary of State Clinton, who plans to leave the Obama administration next year.

“Huma thought she was marrying Congressman Weiner — the next mayor of New York,” a source said. “Instead, she’s married to an unemployed guy from Queens.”

“Hillary loves, loves, loves Huma and would do anything for her,” one said. “Think of this as the first step in Huma’s listening tour” — a reference to Clinton’s pre-Senate campaign efforts.

Abedin’s relationship with Hillary Clinton began in 1996, when she was a White House intern assigned to the then First Lady.

The former President officiated at her 2010 wedding to Weiner.

“They treat her like a daughter,” a source said. “And when it comes to Hillary, there are people who are close to her — then there is Huma. She is in her own category.”

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/politics/forget-weiner-huma-time-exposure-article-1.1118190#ixzz219lz2uyG
"Destroy the seed of evil, or it will grow up to your ruin." Aesop
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God Bless People of Good Will

« Reply #111 on: 07 28, 12, 02:12:52:PM » Reply

If not, then consider this infomation comes out on the same day the FBI is being chastized for not investigating the Fort Hood shooter because of simple Political Correctness.
How far are you willing to take this Political Correctness?

To argue there is no evidence to be concerned about is just plain wrong.

History is repeating itself.

Thus the re-writing of history and the dumbing down of America... through PC and brainwashing.

Huma should be investigated in the very least, because of her ties with those who have influenced her and those who would influence her....

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« Reply #112 on: 05 20, 16, 09:36:05:PM » Reply

friends, family, and Company you keep...

Republicans believe every day is the fourth of July! Democrats believe every day is April 15!
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« Reply #113 on: 05 20, 16, 09:47:45:PM » Reply

Jw2 resurrects a 4 year old thread to say absolutely NOTHING!
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« Reply #114 on: 05 20, 16, 09:49:55:PM » Reply

Saying nothing is nothing new for jw.
"Destroy the seed of evil, or it will grow up to your ruin." Aesop
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God Bless People of Good Will

« Reply #115 on: 05 30, 16, 08:47:52:PM » Reply

Well what do ya know???

Huma is now under FBI investigation!
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« Reply #116 on: 05 30, 16, 08:54:23:PM » Reply

But, it isn't about anything illegal, right?  They are researching how to improve the system, right?
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