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Relax Haters. Ted Cruz went to Cancun
NOT Epstein Island like all your leaders.

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Subject Started by Replies Views Last post
A victory for election security! D2D 2 8 Last post Today at 09:12:42 PM
DJIA goes straight down under AP Biden «12...1213» Winston Smith 147 408 Last post Today at 09:08:45 PM
Thousands in Pennsylvania Dropping GOP... «12» Truman62 14 62 Last post Today at 09:08:26 PM
Who's living in the Whitehouse? warrenpees 10 26 Last post Today at 09:04:08 PM
Rand Paul Launches Into Transphobic Rant wvit1001 11 22 Last post Today at 09:03:51 PM
WHAT has Donnie Done to Help Americans During/After the Deep Freeze? «123» Truman62 29 80 Last post Today at 09:00:02 PM
Greene and Rand Paul show us how desperate Republicans have become wvit1001 3 9 Last post Today at 08:23:30 PM
CPAC has started. Watch them all. . . (Leftists - AVOID them all.) Jim 0 3 Last post Today at 08:08:05 PM
Proud Boys, Boogaloos Fret About Proposed Terror Designation «12» wvit1001 17 39 Last post Today at 07:40:07 PM
Breaking: Rush Limbaugh is still dead. «1234» warrenpees 44 116 Last post Today at 07:23:05 PM
Greene Wants People to Know She’s Not Just Crazy, She’s a Crazy Bigot «12» wvit1001 13 32 Last post Today at 07:19:23 PM
And the Fled Cruz Saga CONTINUES - as School Demands They Quarantine! «12» Truman62 20 76 Last post Today at 07:13:13 PM
CPAC is extraordinarily remarkable this year chuck_curtis 7 21 Last post Today at 06:57:40 PM
So Heidi is "pretty pizzed off" Jw2 3 8 Last post Today at 06:04:01 PM
100,000 in U.S. Died from Coronavirus in Biden’s First Month in Office «12» Local5th 18 42 Last post Today at 05:55:20 PM
So Texas Doesn't Want Federal Regs, but has Hand Out BEGGING for Aid! Truman62 6 20 Last post Today at 04:49:04 PM
Like Texas, Maine now has Boil Water order Jw2 1 2 Last post Today at 04:45:53 PM
Closeted Lindsey Jw2 0 6 Last post Today at 04:42:03 PM
Evidence? «12...78» D2D 84 364 Last post Today at 04:37:44 PM
The Constitution catches a break chuck_curtis 0 3 Last post Today at 04:22:28 PM
Fort Pelosi Jim 7 18 Last post Today at 04:21:14 PM
Democrats love money pits! D2D 5 9 Last post Today at 03:41:57 PM
On the COVID Stimulus Bill... Truman62 0 0 Last post Today at 03:39:02 PM
Was the civil rights bill really about civil rights, or was in more dont-blameme 8 18 Last post Today at 03:29:56 PM
Progressive Superheroes D2D 0 3 Last post Today at 02:47:06 PM
Democrats true nature exposed once again! D2D 5 12 Last post Today at 02:36:44 PM
US carries out air strike... takncarabizniz 2 7 Last post Today at 02:33:34 PM
Now black racist attacks against Asians is "white supremacy!" D2D 0 2 Last post Today at 11:35:48 AM
Intellectuals and Race D2D 0 3 Last post Today at 11:16:25 AM
Tiger Woods injured in rollover accident, breaking news takncarabizniz 8 36 Last post Today at 11:11:33 AM
What do you fear? D2D 1 6 Last post Today at 11:11:24 AM
Young athlete has the guts to speak the truth about trans-letes takncarabizniz 1 12 Last post Today at 10:48:27 AM
Thank God Merrick Garland Isn't on the Supreme Court! D2D 8 25 Last post Today at 10:10:16 AM
The UN is looking more and more like the League of nations! D2D 3 13 Last post Today at 10:09:38 AM
When's the Big Guy going to do the SOTU address? «123» chuck_curtis 24 81 Last post Today at 10:07:22 AM
Wow Coca Cola, didn't you review this? «123» takncarabizniz 25 92 Last post Today at 10:06:28 AM
No, Democrats see China and Russia as ENEMIES! so says «12» dont-blameme 12 34 Last post Today at 10:04:25 AM
Leftist false flagger ruins lives with lies about racism! D2D 0 4 Last post Today at 09:51:57 AM
Comparing the Courage of an 11 year old to the Cowardice of Ted Cruz Truman62 4 17 Last post Today at 07:48:42 AM
What REALLY Happened with Electric Grid in Texas? Truman62 3 10 Last post Today at 07:25:54 AM
The $15 crime bill chuck_curtis 1 5 Last post Today at 06:33:04 AM
Finally listened/Watched a Rush Limbaugh show. CSPAN Recorded in 1990 Jim 2 12 Last post Today at 04:56:52 AM
Jeep Cherokee, latest offensive name... «12» takncarabizniz 16 66 Last post Today at 04:21:50 AM
Perseverance Picks Martian Landing Zone, Nails It, Sends Home HD Video D2D 0 4 Last post Today at 04:18:45 AM
Rush Limbaugh's first TV interview from 1988 (short) «12» Jim 16 43 Last post Today at 03:24:49 AM
This has to be constantly repeated for you learning-disabled trumpies. «123» warrenpees 27 71 Last post Today at 02:47:04 AM
Top 12 Fears of Democrats and Republicans. But what is NOT on the List Jim 4 17 Last post Today at 02:11:16 AM
Google monopoly is in peril chuck_curtis 0 9 Last post Today at 01:59:15 AM
THIS is How You Hold a Meeting Right Now Truman62 3 8 Last post Today at 01:04:46 AM
Democratic Voters' Top Concern Is Absolutely Ridiculous Local5th 5 16 Last post Today at 12:29:31 AM
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