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11 24, 20, 08:11:16:PM

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If there is NO provable Voting Fraud
Then WHAT are Democrats so afraid of?
Democrats should be saying "Go Ahead - try Proving that!"
But they're not. Why is that?

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Biden’s Secretary of State Nominee Previously Appeared on Sesame Stree sine-qua-non 4 10 Last post Today at 08:08:06 PM
Tucker Carlson Breaks Down How Dems Rigged Election sine-qua-non 4 12 Last post Today at 08:03:42 PM
Don't Be Like MY Family! davik62 8 32 Last post Today at 07:51:17 PM
The left is filled with hypocrites and phonies! D2D 11 22 Last post Today at 07:50:03 PM
Rubio Playing to His Base Already... davik62 3 13 Last post Today at 07:44:15 PM
So, I'm wondering... «12» lakitss 17 34 Last post Today at 07:31:13 PM
Minnesota governor-dictator criminalizes life itself D2D 0 4 Last post Today at 07:19:16 PM
Former FBI Chief Tried To Warn You Of An Elite Satanic Pedophile Netwo sine-qua-non 5 21 Last post Today at 07:13:24 PM
How long will it take after the illegitimate biden/harris is sworn in dont-blameme 6 16 Last post Today at 07:11:29 PM
Intel Sys. Identify ‘Hate Speech’ Find Minorities Worst Offenders! D2D 2 2 Last post Today at 06:57:31 PM
Nevada Supreme Court Certifies Biden’s Victory Over Trump wvit1001 0 3 Last post Today at 06:36:45 PM
Rush Limbaugh knocks Trump's legal team wvit1001 7 25 Last post Today at 06:35:04 PM
2021 through 2024 will be record years for bankruptcy lawyers, thanks dont-blameme 8 34 Last post Today at 06:34:10 PM
Dood Downloaded Ballot Info from PA.GOV, guess what he found... «12» Jim 12 48 Last post Today at 06:11:21 PM
Ready or not: Here Comes the Biden Blame Game «123» dont-blameme 25 73 Last post Today at 06:05:16 PM
Remember when hillary said: «123» dont-blameme 32 86 Last post Today at 06:03:57 PM
I LOVE THE INTERNET... Bongo-Joe «12» Jim 14 57 Last post Today at 06:02:58 PM
Who placed this monolith in Utah? takncarabizniz 5 25 Last post Today at 06:01:51 PM
GSA Administrator Allows Access to Biden Transition After Threats ! sine-qua-non 10 26 Last post Today at 05:58:19 PM
Charles Koch: I "screwed up" wvit1001 1 4 Last post Today at 05:44:52 PM
Dow ready to hit 30,000 takncarabizniz 2 9 Last post Today at 05:40:30 PM
Biden transition begins, DOW reacts by going over 30,000 wvit1001 5 10 Last post Today at 05:39:30 PM
It Actually Was a Landslide for Biden wvit1001 5 16 Last post Today at 05:38:34 PM
It's starting to look more like an obama/biden regime instead of dont-blameme 1 8 Last post Today at 05:33:27 PM
Georgia says it impossible to determine if ballots are legal chuck_curtis 10 41 Last post Today at 05:31:10 PM
Leftist gets taste of own medicine chuck_curtis 3 11 Last post Today at 05:18:16 PM
Get Arrested for Heavy Breathing? Yup! «12» davik62 12 43 Last post Today at 04:55:19 PM
The left has elected a man that's 6 eggs short of a half dozen, dont-blameme 8 33 Last post Today at 04:47:08 PM
We won the election, now it's time... «12» warrenpees 12 57 Last post Today at 04:46:28 PM
Has it ever occurred to you why democrats seek not only control dont-blameme 11 32 Last post Today at 03:44:51 PM
White House plans holiday parties as Americans urged to stay home wvit1001 8 31 Last post Today at 03:35:27 PM
One of Trump's last official acts will be a lot like his first wvit1001 4 11 Last post Today at 03:22:44 PM
Dominion: As Shady As They Come «12» sine-qua-non 12 40 Last post Today at 03:20:46 PM
‘I’d Be Lying’ If I Said Trump Still Had A Chance wvit1001 0 5 Last post Today at 03:03:49 PM
Stacey Abrams says 750K Georgians have requested ballots for runoff wvit1001 0 14 Last post Today at 02:29:30 PM
General Services Administration begins begins formal transition Local5th 1 12 Last post Today at 09:35:16 AM
They can't be that stupid could th...oh wait, of course they could! «12» wvit1001 12 36 Last post Today at 07:39:32 AM
You didn’t listen then sine-qua-non 0 10 Last post Today at 05:35:02 AM
the government can't tell you what to do with your body can it? «12» wvit1001 21 83 Last post Today at 04:37:54 AM
WELCOME to Day 58 on the Countdown to Freedom! «12» davik62 17 58 Last post Today at 04:23:25 AM
So WHY is Trump AFRAID of Reporters? «12» davik62 12 37 Last post Today at 02:14:09 AM
Two charged with submitting thousands of fraudulent registration apps «12» chuck_curtis 19 53 Last post Today at 01:34:52 AM
Mathematician says many votes not counted in PA «12» chuck_curtis 16 49 Last post Today at 01:27:48 AM
How many dead Americans from the Covid-19 will be enough for the left dont-blameme 11 29 Last post Today at 01:22:19 AM
Supreme Chancellor of the Capital emilyB 11 44 Last post Today at 01:20:32 AM
Why is a green card holder registered and receive a mail-in ballot? «12» chuck_curtis 15 49 Last post Today at 01:19:28 AM
Americans flip another seat in CA «12» chuck_curtis 13 37 Last post Today at 01:18:54 AM
Only a racist would claim minorities are opposed to rule of law! D2D 2 6 Last post Today at 01:17:54 AM
progressive (socialism) began the take over of America in the sixties «12» dont-blameme 19 39 Last post Today at 01:17:14 AM
Slanted...the media manipulation of our thoughts... takncarabizniz 6 24 Last post Today at 01:16:41 AM
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