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The Brightest Light is Invisible. It shines through your good deeds and kind words and illuminates the Universe...

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Credibility is everything - that's why lying is so horrific.
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The buck stops on the dest of the president,America's problem is dont-blameme 0 4 Last post Today at 04:23:21 PM
The border problem is an obama problem, he's the occupant in the oval dont-blameme 0 5 Last post Today at 04:14:09 PM
Muslim Slave-Holders Torture Their Slaves (Video) WWV10MHZ 1 8 Last post Today at 05:24:44 PM
DJIA negative in 2014 dg9990 4 14 Last post Today at 05:07:02 PM
OK GOP'ers, You can shut up about Immigration Laws... «123» JigSaw-II 24 61 Last post Today at 05:36:54 PM
Phones "melting" under pressure over illegal aliens... takncarabizniz 5 23 Last post Today at 03:45:01 PM
Sentenced to death thanks to Obama! D2D 3 15 Last post Today at 03:00:35 PM
Not a word of protest from gay rights groups! D2D 1 10 Last post Today at 03:02:26 PM
CDC warns: DON'T TRAVEL TO AFRICA...AT ALL COSTS ! takncarabizniz 3 15 Last post Today at 02:42:04 PM
The Muslim married under Sharia to a 12 year old! D2D 10 24 Last post Today at 04:19:28 PM
DRUG USER=== Taken down,,By Me!! HK91-762mm 9 32 Last post Today at 05:09:15 PM
Liberals claimed all the illegal children had their immunizations! D2D 1 4 Last post Today at 03:07:39 PM
DHS Terrorizes Boy Scouts At US/Canada Border WWV10MHZ 8 18 Last post Today at 05:33:56 PM
Laugh and I will kill you! D2D 3 17 Last post Today at 01:54:53 PM
GUN STORY OF THE DAY Jw2 7 22 Last post Today at 02:01:22 PM
Muslims Behead Fellow Muslims, Religion Of Love & Peace? WWV10MHZ 4 11 Last post Today at 03:47:19 PM
Brigitte Gabriel; my new hero! lakitss 5 16 Last post Today at 04:38:49 PM
Trade war with Russia intensifies, will Obama aid its American victims D2D 0 3 Last post Today at 01:08:41 PM
Our future under democrats! D2D 0 4 Last post Today at 01:06:21 PM
Ban the Big Mac and the Whopper!!! «123» wmdn_bs 28 77 Last post Today at 05:06:33 PM
Lerner Calls GOP Crazy A-Holes, Boehner to Sue President In Response hoosier_daddy 9 27 Last post Today at 04:45:53 PM
Escaping one hell just to be dumped into another hell! D2D 3 8 Last post Today at 12:54:29 PM
Is Obama Regime Covering Up MH17 Shootdown?mh17-crash wise1ray 4 11 Last post Today at 02:01:10 PM
Hamas Kills Own Citizens, Blames Israel wise1ray 1 6 Last post Today at 12:38:34 PM
Sheila Wacko Lee (D-TX) Lies On Record, Again!! WWV10MHZ 8 19 Last post Today at 01:56:09 PM
Can't we all stop hating? chuck_curtis 4 17 Last post Today at 02:04:22 PM
RANT of the day (NON-POLITICAL): I DESPISE voice mail bhsgrad1972 5 19 Last post Today at 02:34:43 PM
Gaza Kids Chant: No Israeli School Tomorrow, No Israeli Kids. hoosier_daddy 6 18 Last post Today at 01:23:50 PM
liberals war on women continue seahooker 9 35 Last post Today at 12:20:45 PM
Palin To Start Own Channel- Twitter Lights Up With Names For New Show «123» hoosier_daddy 27 77 Last post Today at 01:51:45 PM
$626 Million Worth Of US Weapons Lost In Afghanistan wise1ray 3 16 Last post Today at 12:08:32 PM
Union Limits and Voter ID Rule Upheld in Wisconsin Byteryder 3 20 Last post Today at 01:25:29 PM
Oh No! Something else to Worry about... daroadie 3 31 Last post Today at 12:18:25 PM
Contrary to what Obama claims, His Job is NOT to help people!!!! DaBoz 5 25 Last post Today at 12:03:08 PM
GO HOME ! Baretta19 2 21 Last post Today at 11:48:33 AM
As Christians Are Purged and Murdered, Obama Stands by the Muslims by John Adams 0 4 Last post Today at 06:24:46 AM
Sheila Jackson Lee: We Never Tried to Impeach Bush, Because We Recogni John Adams 8 37 Last post Today at 12:18:28 PM
Israel, Hamas and Obama’s foreign policy John Adams 0 2 Last post Today at 06:06:41 AM
Top House Democrat: “You Bet We’re Going To Run” On Impeachment… Becau John Adams 10 35 Last post Today at 12:52:57 PM
Amnesty via Executive Order an Impeachable Offense, but Impeachment Wo John Adams 1 6 Last post Today at 06:32:05 AM
Yes Obama , Its time to stop all the hate «12» DaBoz 22 70 Last post Today at 02:01:21 PM
Liberal Media Snares Another GOP Female With Gotcha Interview «123» hoosier_daddy 34 99 Last post Today at 01:21:47 PM
Israeli Official: Obama “Yelled” at Israel’s Leader to Demand He Cave wise1ray 3 14 Last post Today at 08:56:22 AM
If What Allen West Just Said Is True, Obama Might Be In Serious Troubl «12» wise1ray 16 46 Last post Today at 11:37:10 AM
BREAKING: House Officially Votes to Sue Barack Obama wise1ray 3 14 Last post Today at 06:40:10 AM
Where Does the Carbon Dioxide Really Come From KensanIV 2 17 Last post Today at 08:32:25 AM
McConnell, Cochran again on the Establishment list chuck_curtis 3 18 Last post Today at 06:54:30 AM
In Campaign Mode, Obama Slams Republicans For ‘Hating All The Time’ natalukjoe 10 37 Last post Today at 12:09:13 PM
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