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Why is the "Establishment" and Clintons afraid of Donald Trump?
Because he does not belong to any of the "Secret Societies." Like:
Freemasons. Illuminati. Skull and Bones. Bilderberg. Elders of Zion. Knights Templar.

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Survey finds excess health problems in LGBT Population ! HK91-762mm 2 11 Last post Today at 11:32:33 PM
Lets be honest and upfront the terrorist are already here, they could «12» dont-blameme 18 57 Last post Today at 11:22:35 PM
Anti-Gun Senator Jamilah Nasheed arrested with a loaded gun, drunk HK91-762mm 10 27 Last post Today at 11:22:11 PM
The meaning of "Well Regulated." «1234» Jim 38 99 Last post Today at 10:57:30 PM
Maladjusted Gun Puzzie in Wisconsin «12» Jw2 18 59 Last post Today at 10:51:25 PM
Bad day for Coaches KensanIV 0 4 Last post Today at 10:46:04 PM
Governor Admits Anti-Abortion Law Was About Restricting Abortion «1234» wvit1001 38 98 Last post Today at 10:38:53 PM
You will not believe Hillary said this... xwxzy321 7 22 Last post Today at 10:35:07 PM
Supporting Mr. Trump «123» WWV10MHZ 30 80 Last post Today at 10:25:49 PM
Fox News Having Highest-Rated Year Ever; Tops Cable Primetime So Far HK91-762mm 0 2 Last post Today at 10:16:30 PM
Benghazi Committee Faults Military Response To 2012 Attack «12» wvit1001 15 55 Last post Today at 10:04:24 PM
Lawmakers charge Hillary, Obama with lying, cover-up xwxzy321 7 24 Last post Today at 09:55:35 PM
SOBama Legacy Of Idiocy WWV10MHZ 3 11 Last post Today at 09:35:32 PM
Missouri governor vetoes bill allowing CCW with NO permit-! HK91-762mm 0 3 Last post Today at 09:27:59 PM
Chuck Shumer says abortion saves babies «123» Dan 34 75 Last post Today at 09:09:56 PM
New Democrat Golf Hat KensanIV 0 9 Last post Today at 08:57:09 PM
GUNS, ISLAM AND ORLANDO Jim 1 6 Last post Today at 08:53:24 PM
User info...... «1234» Sadie402 37 158 Last post Today at 08:40:31 PM
VOTING FOR HILLARY? Watch this Video First! From TheHippie Moderne «12» Jim 16 51 Last post Today at 08:23:35 PM
Terrorist attack at airport in Turkey, two seperate explosions dont-blameme 3 9 Last post Today at 08:13:06 PM
Lightening in a Jar. KensanIV 1 13 Last post Today at 07:45:24 PM
Hillary & Squaw Warren WWV10MHZ 4 21 Last post Today at 07:32:18 PM
They did not use GUNS 50+ dead 60 hurt xwxzy321 1 9 Last post Today at 07:14:30 PM
I'm sorry. Davik made me do it.... Byteryder 1 11 Last post Today at 06:33:42 PM
Polls show hillary leading trump and the left cheers, so it means that dont-blameme 8 34 Last post Today at 06:25:53 PM
US Marine's EPIC Response To those Who Support Gun Control «12» Jim 13 44 Last post Today at 06:04:38 PM
Don't you find it rather strange that it's always republicans that are dont-blameme 9 26 Last post Today at 05:42:34 PM
Clinton Spent $26M on Battleground Ads in June. Trump Spent $0. wvit1001 5 14 Last post Today at 05:36:23 PM
Home Schooling Should Involve, You Know, Schooling wvit1001 3 8 Last post Today at 05:35:57 PM
Congress' Zika fail could bite GOP in election wvit1001 1 5 Last post Today at 05:17:40 PM
Oh, My! Byteryder 10 50 Last post Today at 04:57:17 PM
Economic Fears Rising, Britain Hopes to Stay in E.U. Market wvit1001 4 17 Last post Today at 04:53:47 PM
What Donald Trump & JFK Have In Common «12» Jim 16 52 Last post Today at 04:51:51 PM
Dispelling the Lunatic Right Wing Meme about Sanders Voters «12» Jw2 18 60 Last post Today at 04:41:35 PM
Benghazi Investigation FINAL Report Drops THIS Bombshell, ARREST HILLA «1234» wise1ray 42 101 Last post Today at 04:35:36 PM
This is how Republicans support our troops. wvit1001 7 24 Last post Today at 04:27:34 PM
Benghazi Committee Releases Final Report… Hillary Clinton Lied wise1ray 1 7 Last post Today at 04:25:46 PM
The Price of Diplomatic Sensitivities... Byteryder 6 18 Last post Today at 04:17:43 PM
truth and justice will prevail «12» caserio1 12 40 Last post Today at 04:14:37 PM
Left to die Benghazi Why! dont-blameme 0 5 Last post Today at 04:11:28 PM
Democrats on Tuesday block funding to fight the Zika virus sweetwater5s9 7 25 Last post Today at 04:06:01 PM
With the USSC decision on same sex marriage, roe vs wade should be «12» dont-blameme 13 59 Last post Today at 04:04:58 PM
ILLEGALS WITH TB SPREAD AROUND STATES Byteryder 5 17 Last post Today at 03:16:56 PM
Republicans Spent Millions On Benghazi Committee To Exonerate Clinton wvit1001 2 13 Last post Today at 03:04:32 PM
Trump’s Silence On SCOTUS Abortion Ruling Angers Conservatives wvit1001 0 4 Last post Today at 02:32:26 PM
The high cost of Obama's open borders policy! D2D 2 8 Last post Today at 01:50:36 PM
Clock Boy --=Back in the USA! «123» HK91-762mm 29 67 Last post Today at 01:47:33 PM
DOJ's New Constitution Jim 1 8 Last post Today at 01:46:19 PM
Britains total betrayal is fast becoming our own betrayal. Jim 11 35 Last post Today at 01:45:23 PM
Another GOP Convention Icon Refuses to Appear in Cleveland Jw2 1 8 Last post Today at 01:25:33 PM
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