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What we all know:
The Right will always say what they think and Politically believe. There is NO mystery of the Right.
If the Left were to ever say what they think and Politically believe - it would be the end of the Left.

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Article on "Anti-White Rhetoric" intelligent posters only. «12» Boddhissatva 14 34 Last post Today at 04:56:12 PM
Commies gone wild chuck_curtis 5 13 Last post Today at 04:51:51 PM
Mississippi senator asks - "Was Rober E Lee a hero or a villian?" «123» wvit1001 27 53 Last post Today at 04:37:22 PM
Will the tangerine toadstool... wmdn_bs 4 12 Last post Today at 04:30:03 PM
People Need To Follow Instructions!! WWV10MHZ 0 5 Last post Today at 04:22:21 PM
Senate Declares "The Press is Not the Enemy of the People" «1234» justincase 44 74 Last post Today at 04:21:45 PM
How about a dialogue about what divides us, if we really are that «12» dont-blameme 13 33 Last post Today at 04:07:30 PM
Manhatten Judge Says Frump's NDA Flawed - $25 Million Suit Cleared! «12» davik62 12 23 Last post Today at 04:06:58 PM
Former CIA Directors Going back Decades Come to Brennan's Defense! «12» davik62 13 28 Last post Today at 04:04:36 PM
Do Libs Want A Revolution To Bring Down Our President? zsq987 11 36 Last post Today at 03:43:05 PM
Commie backtracks under pressure chuck_curtis 6 16 Last post Today at 03:40:46 PM
Donald Trump NOT President!! «123» WWV10MHZ 34 163 Last post Today at 03:27:31 PM
What happened to the big salary raises trump promised? wvit1001 3 12 Last post Today at 03:13:55 PM
Ted Nugent on Joe Rogan podcast Boddhissatva 2 11 Last post Today at 03:13:12 PM
Gun Control Dim Arrested for Murder ... sine-qua-non 1 7 Last post Today at 02:13:44 PM
Satanic temple unveils statue of Baphomet at state capital wvit1001 4 11 Last post Today at 02:10:12 PM
12 Year Old Trannie (in his mind) Causes School To Close!!!!! zsq987 10 29 Last post Today at 01:55:46 PM
Libs Say: Anyone, Any Bathroom; Man Beats Daughter's Lurker To Death! zsq987 9 31 Last post Today at 01:55:07 PM
Christian Colorado Baker Harassed Again Over A Cake For Trannies «12» zsq987 20 51 Last post Today at 01:49:50 PM
OmaGrossa's Previous Book "The Bitch Switch", She Lives Up To It!! zsq987 5 9 Last post Today at 01:30:19 PM
OmaGrossa Will Soon Be Making Sexual Abuse Claims «123» zsq987 26 61 Last post Today at 01:28:22 PM
The Truth About Global Warming «1234» WWV10MHZ 47 134 Last post Today at 01:27:19 PM
If OmaGrossa Knew Of Him Saying The N-word, WHY Did She Support Him? zsq987 9 36 Last post Today at 01:26:43 PM
Nobel Fo Trump! Sign Petition «1234» sine-qua-non 41 156 Last post Today at 01:24:54 PM
Black Lives Matter Attacks Police; Do You Leftists Support This? «1234» zsq987 42 122 Last post Today at 01:21:06 PM
In Socialist Venezuela, Wage = $1.00 Per MONTH!!! WWV10MHZ 5 14 Last post Today at 01:20:09 PM
America’s Largest Veterans Group Rains on Trump’s Parade wvit1001 2 7 Last post Today at 01:19:59 PM
The Plan For OmaGrossa's Demise «12» zsq987 13 35 Last post Today at 01:19:31 PM
Is Constantly Accusing White People Of "Racism" A Hate Crime? «123» zsq987 32 73 Last post Today at 01:17:26 PM
Sanders WIll NOT Dispute News Media is Enemy of the People «12» davik62 13 44 Last post Today at 01:17:03 PM
Trump Pats Himself On The Back For Yanking Brennan’s Security Clearanc «12» wvit1001 12 24 Last post Today at 01:16:42 PM
Trump cancels military parade, blames DC officials wvit1001 9 28 Last post Today at 01:05:21 PM
It's really enjoyable, having the left sitting on their fence and dont-blameme 8 16 Last post Today at 12:50:45 PM
What happened to the big salary raises trump promised? wvit1001 8 14 Last post Today at 12:33:58 PM
Trump’s trade wars will hurt West Virginia’s coal miners wvit1001 6 9 Last post Today at 12:33:06 PM
Math Problem «123» Oscar_LaVista 35 95 Last post Today at 12:31:24 PM
Trump military parade was always a really bad idea wvit1001 3 3 Last post Today at 12:30:30 PM
Have you ever wondered what happens to old football players? takncarabizniz 3 12 Last post Today at 12:22:32 PM
Why are Omarosa Tapes BIG Problem for WH...? davik62 11 31 Last post Today at 12:04:18 PM
Stormy Daniels payment by Trump lawyer Cohen was related to campaign wvit1001 1 4 Last post Today at 12:02:25 PM
Where White House touts a boom, most economists see a blip wvit1001 4 8 Last post Today at 11:57:25 AM
Another great action chuck_curtis 3 10 Last post Today at 11:40:30 AM
Just a Couple God-Fearing, Gun-Toting Conservative Extremists! davik62 2 9 Last post Today at 11:21:15 AM
Real Pres Vs Fake Pres davik62 2 7 Last post Today at 11:19:53 AM
Now We Know Why God Did Not Want Any Female Preachers Oscar_LaVista 6 25 Last post Today at 11:07:41 AM
Manafort Lawyers Complain About How Much Evidence Mueller Has wvit1001 2 9 Last post Today at 10:38:56 AM
WH 'Rattled' Amid Belief That Omarosa Has 200 Recordings wvit1001 8 13 Last post Today at 10:31:00 AM
Frump NDA's Could Be Breaking the Law! «123» davik62 25 72 Last post Today at 10:24:23 AM
Trump tying Brennan clearance to Russia probe is ‘connecting the dots wvit1001 2 7 Last post Today at 09:57:45 AM
Urban Violence Begins in Broken Homes! D2D 2 11 Last post Today at 09:43:53 AM
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