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People who can't control themselves will always try to find ways to control others.
(Political Correctness, Words they can't say - Must say, or denial of Free Speech)

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Subject Started by Replies Views Last post
Four Deputies Waited Outside School During Shooting Local5th 3 11 Last post Today at 07:26:06 PM
What do terrorist and school shooters have in common? dont-blameme 8 17 Last post Today at 07:25:55 PM
BOYCOTT NRA! davik62 3 8 Last post Today at 07:25:14 PM
Actually, there are 3 «12» Jim 18 47 Last post Today at 07:22:56 PM
Support your Right to keep and bear Wands and spells.... Jim 5 17 Last post Today at 07:20:07 PM
W Virginia Teachers on Strike Over Pay! davik62 0 0 Last post Today at 07:13:38 PM
The deputy assigned to the Florida school didn't try to stop the shoot «1234» ttopcat 36 94 Last post Today at 07:10:40 PM
BEFORE OBAMA Hayes 8 21 Last post Today at 06:32:11 PM
Observation.... lakitss 2 8 Last post Today at 06:15:22 PM
More Idiocracy Jim 4 26 Last post Today at 05:42:41 PM
Snowflake loses it and tries to ram the WH chuck_curtis 4 18 Last post Today at 05:40:50 PM
"very, very unfortunate for the world" wvit1001 3 9 Last post Today at 05:39:52 PM
one of the things I believe should prohibit a person from gun purchase «12» seahooker 21 54 Last post Today at 05:39:39 PM
So the NRA took in Russian money used in 2016 Campaign «12» Jw2 19 41 Last post Today at 05:34:17 PM
Corrupt to the core «12» chuck_curtis 18 62 Last post Today at 05:10:17 PM
Our framers wasn't stupid and our constitution shows their brilliance: «12345» dont-blameme 59 139 Last post Today at 05:08:08 PM
Democrats are hysterical! D2D 0 5 Last post Today at 04:27:48 PM
How low journalism has sunk... «12» takncarabizniz 23 58 Last post Today at 04:17:38 PM
Dear God «12» Jim 14 37 Last post Today at 04:07:21 PM
Defense Secretary James Mattis, breaking with President Trump... wvit1001 2 6 Last post Today at 04:05:07 PM
Mass Teacher Walkout Closes Schools Across West Virginia «12» wvit1001 14 27 Last post Today at 03:59:27 PM
I'm reporting Trump as a 'dangerous' threat «12» wvit1001 13 39 Last post Today at 03:56:08 PM
Trump's Guy - Gates - Pleads Guilty Jw2 0 1 Last post Today at 03:54:11 PM
Armed Deputy at Stoneman School Never Went Inside «1234» justincase 43 109 Last post Today at 03:39:01 PM
Republican Governor Indicted Jw2 5 13 Last post Today at 03:37:48 PM
MetLife ends discount program with NRA wvit1001 10 23 Last post Today at 03:24:16 PM
This takes the top prize in stupidity «12» Mystic 18 51 Last post Today at 03:03:30 PM
When Ford Built a Torture Chamber wvit1001 0 4 Last post Today at 02:59:11 PM
we have become pussies «123» seahooker 26 73 Last post Today at 02:54:41 PM
The New Back to School Supplies «12» davik62 15 43 Last post Today at 02:53:57 PM
Crisis Actors Union president David Hogg threatens... warrenpees 5 18 Last post Today at 02:40:57 PM
Florida shooting survivor: Media using tragedy to push gun control «123» Local5th 25 97 Last post Today at 02:39:08 PM
What happened to DACA and Infrastructure? wvit1001 8 16 Last post Today at 02:30:58 PM
Toxic Liberalism emilyB 7 13 Last post Today at 02:25:03 PM
A lot of people are against having guns in schools and I can dont-blameme 0 5 Last post Today at 02:23:01 PM
What can be done to prevent these crazed people from getting «12» dont-blameme 22 41 Last post Today at 02:14:11 PM
If We Are So Great, Why Do We Pay So Little? davik62 10 21 Last post Today at 01:59:54 PM
Former Trump campaign aide Gates to plead guilty wvit1001 4 9 Last post Today at 01:58:34 PM
Repocon Hypocrite Governor in Missouri INDICTED! davik62 6 13 Last post Today at 01:31:59 PM
this story was reported 400 years before Jesus.. wvit1001 0 3 Last post Today at 01:30:08 PM
Trump: ObamaCare being wiped out 'piece by piece' wvit1001 5 8 Last post Today at 01:18:22 PM
♦NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre tells us why the Left doesn't care about schoo «12» wxzyw 15 33 Last post Today at 12:50:46 PM
If you think it will end with stricter gun control... takncarabizniz 8 26 Last post Today at 12:34:29 PM
More Guns Do Not Stop More Crimes, Evidence Shows wvit1001 6 10 Last post Today at 12:32:32 PM
Truth about the Republican party KensanIV 1 7 Last post Today at 11:42:56 AM
Trump Has Never Made A Speech Not In A Gun-Free Zone Oscar_LaVista 10 22 Last post Today at 11:41:02 AM
If every black man buys an assault rifle on Monday August West 5 18 Last post Today at 11:04:01 AM
US ranks 11th in mass shootings per capita «12» chuck_curtis 17 40 Last post Today at 10:47:30 AM
Always Fashionable KensanIV 8 34 Last post Today at 10:08:15 AM
School shooting happen at government run schools, «12» dont-blameme 12 36 Last post Today at 09:09:59 AM
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