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....We hereby gladly pass the torch of Paranoid Conspiracy Nutcase back to its rightful owners....

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Subject Started by Replies Views Last post
DNC NOW TRYING TO BLAME TRUMP «1234» upyrwazoo 40 81 Last post Today at 10:32:55 PM
'Make America Great Again' is a Dangerous Political Tool wvit1001 8 22 Last post Today at 10:27:26 PM
Japan needs knife control! D2D 4 22 Last post Today at 10:18:22 PM
Two Things every American should know how to use «12» jst-the-fax 17 64 Last post Today at 10:16:50 PM
It’s Official-Bernie Sanders’ Name Will Be Placed in Nomination at DNC justincase 1 13 Last post Today at 10:14:12 PM
GAME OVER man..... «12» Jim 15 54 Last post Today at 10:06:59 PM
Clinton Cash... a devastating video wxzyw 0 1 Last post Today at 10:03:40 PM
WTF for? the FBI has been neutered by 0bama... they'll find NADA! wxzyw 11 34 Last post Today at 10:01:37 PM
The world isn’t getting worse — our information is getting better wvit1001 0 3 Last post Today at 09:39:36 PM
Trump's "It's Midnight In America" Acceptance Speech «123» Montana 29 126 Last post Today at 09:14:37 PM
GOP unity? Trump takes aim against Kasich, Cruz «12» wvit1001 21 84 Last post Today at 08:18:48 PM
‘ANCHOR BABIES ARE NOT CITIZENS’ SAYS FEDERAL COURT «12...67» Hayes 73 217 Last post Today at 08:15:45 PM
Live Coverage of the 2016 Democratic National Convention «12» wvit1001 13 41 Last post Today at 08:10:56 PM
Trump/Pence 2016 wvit1001 4 17 Last post Today at 08:06:26 PM
New shows Hillary having a mild seizure wxzyw 10 56 Last post Today at 07:51:52 PM
Dump's New American Miner Ad Used Dutch Model! «12» davik62 19 91 Last post Today at 07:38:28 PM
Sanders to help campaign take on 'rigged system' wvit1001 8 30 Last post Today at 06:47:03 PM
Debbie Blabbermouth-Schmuck Booed Off Stage At DNC «12» WWV10MHZ 12 67 Last post Today at 06:46:55 PM
The Perception is unadulterated corruption «12» wxzyw 16 56 Last post Today at 06:39:22 PM
Bernie voters at the DNC absolutely hate Hillary Clinton sine-qua-non 10 28 Last post Today at 06:31:30 PM
Will history repeat itself? jst-the-fax 2 9 Last post Today at 06:16:15 PM
Debbie does bernie with emails! dont-blameme 1 13 Last post Today at 05:46:16 PM
GOP Obstruction on Zika Will Cause Heartache and $$$$$$ davik62 10 34 Last post Today at 04:33:32 PM
Trump leads Clinton by 5% according to latest CNN poll «12» ttopcat 12 50 Last post Today at 03:41:01 PM
You haven't had a lucky day until you've had one of these. Jim 7 54 Last post Today at 03:35:11 PM
Wonder if Bernie is sick of hearing about them damn emails now? dont-blameme 1 12 Last post Today at 02:42:51 PM
Trump was right on when he said the system was rigged, but it shows dont-blameme 1 7 Last post Today at 02:40:56 PM
Schultz won't gavel open convention wvit1001 0 5 Last post Today at 02:29:39 PM
Muslims cheer Iranian murderer at German memorial! D2D 9 30 Last post Today at 02:11:45 PM
Typical Liberal mentallity on Gun Bans --masshole AW Ban=> «12...67» HK91-762mm 72 206 Last post Today at 02:08:57 PM
Democrats put up massive wall around convention site! «12» D2D 20 67 Last post Today at 02:03:08 PM
"When You Stand on Principles, Sometimes You Stand Alone" «12» wvit1001 15 56 Last post Today at 01:20:43 PM
If Michael Bloomberg Gives This Speech, He Can End Trump wvit1001 6 26 Last post Today at 01:18:30 PM
Gun free zone of Chicago continues high death toll! D2D 3 14 Last post Today at 01:12:13 PM
Putin May Have Leaked DNC Emails to Aid Trump «12» wvit1001 16 47 Last post Today at 01:02:26 PM
Clinton Presidency ‘Should Freak People Out Hayes 3 12 Last post Today at 12:50:55 PM
The 5 Most Devastating Scoops From WikiLeaks’ Hayes 2 11 Last post Today at 12:16:58 PM
RI Governor Named Democrat Convention Chair BOBRI123 0 5 Last post Today at 12:16:25 PM
1968 redo jst-the-fax 2 16 Last post Today at 12:14:38 PM
The Islamic horse! D2D 5 29 Last post Today at 11:42:51 AM
Florida Homeowner Shoots at Kids Playing Pokemon Go! «12» davik62 18 65 Last post Today at 11:41:23 AM
Verizon buys out Yahoo for $4billion + takncarabizniz 2 12 Last post Today at 11:40:36 AM
Al Gore not going to CROOKED-CON seahooker 1 8 Last post Today at 11:38:54 AM
Bernie Voters HATE Hillary Hayes 7 26 Last post Today at 11:37:59 AM
Trump- Political Damage in Explaining Why He Won't Release Taxes wvit1001 5 13 Last post Today at 11:35:22 AM
....We hereby gladly pass the torch of Paranoid Conspiracy Nutcase bac wmdn_bs 0 10 Last post Today at 11:07:55 AM
Announcement About Hillary’s Running Mate, It’s BRUTAL! wise1ray 0 4 Last post Today at 10:27:25 AM
Detailed List of Findings in Wikileaks DNC Document Dump Hayes 0 3 Last post Today at 10:12:28 AM
NEWS MEDIA UDER CONTROL OF THE DNC Hayes 3 10 Last post Today at 10:12:24 AM
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