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05 27, 16, 05:56:33:PM

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Just think of the Democrat outcry if it were Trump being investigated.
Just look at the outcry over the silly Tax release issue.

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As Libs Take Us To Socialism, Why We NEED To Be Armed! «1234» WWV10MHZ 47 119 Last post Today at 05:55:17 PM
Hundreds of Dead Voters Are Casting Ballots in Southern California «123» xwxzy321 31 100 Last post Today at 05:55:04 PM
70,000 Americans missed flights last year thanks to the TSA! «1234» D2D 39 123 Last post Today at 05:53:50 PM
economy grew more last quarter than previously estimated «123» wvit1001 29 63 Last post Today at 05:48:15 PM
democrat rent a mob at it again in californication dont-blameme 1 3 Last post Today at 05:47:55 PM
Question If I am in a neighborhood late at night looking for an «12» dont-blameme 14 58 Last post Today at 05:40:37 PM
Cranky Old Men Contemplate Yelling at Each Other in Public wvit1001 5 17 Last post Today at 05:38:35 PM
How to Beat Those Chinese Missiles and Planes davik62 9 27 Last post Today at 05:29:18 PM
What problem has Hillary ever solved? «12» DaBoz 15 44 Last post Today at 04:56:17 PM
Hillary's Chief Of E-Mails Caught Lying And Making Other Staffers Lie WWV10MHZ 4 13 Last post Today at 04:49:23 PM
How To KILL A Successful Franchise!!! «12» WWV10MHZ 19 77 Last post Today at 04:46:16 PM
Gun-Hater Katie Couric Distorts Documentary Content «12» WWV10MHZ 14 38 Last post Today at 04:26:59 PM
Will Trump let Hillary's email crimes die a slow death? xwxzy321 2 10 Last post Today at 04:10:46 PM
Don't be total ZUCKERS. They are all Hypocrites and we know it.. Jim 2 10 Last post Today at 04:10:07 PM
Hillary Had Someone With NO Security Clearance Run Her Secret Server!! WWV10MHZ 10 24 Last post Today at 04:06:58 PM
Why? upyrwazoo 0 4 Last post Today at 03:59:44 PM
Looks Like Only 80,452 attend the NRA convention ! Antigun protesters HK91-762mm 2 14 Last post Today at 03:52:34 PM
Why the new report on Hillary Clinton’s email is so damning xwxzy321 4 15 Last post Today at 03:40:19 PM
Corrupt Chicago officials use education dollars to fund high living! D2D 0 6 Last post Today at 03:11:04 PM
When we see BLACK LIVES MATTER protesting at «123» dont-blameme 33 88 Last post Today at 03:00:53 PM
The Daily Show asked NRA members if they support gun control — «12...67» wvit1001 81 234 Last post Today at 02:57:53 PM
Leftist rioters at it again at Trump rally! «1234» D2D 44 136 Last post Today at 02:52:38 PM
Ted Cruz Still In Trouble for Dirty Tricks «12» davik62 18 60 Last post Today at 02:44:55 PM
Bet Obama has already given our enemies this technology! D2D 2 12 Last post Today at 02:44:23 PM
Hey...... «1234» Sadie402 38 151 Last post Today at 02:19:32 PM
Some timely Arabic poetry... warrenpees 0 6 Last post Today at 02:09:14 PM
The war on savers chuck_curtis 10 22 Last post Today at 02:06:51 PM
THE MOST WATCHED TV EVENT OF THIS CENTURY! «123» xwxzy321 29 103 Last post Today at 01:38:47 PM
Another win for Obama - GOP approves transgender rules «12» wvit1001 16 36 Last post Today at 01:23:32 PM
damned if you do...damned if you don't..... natalukjoe 0 7 Last post Today at 01:14:45 PM
"L"....go figure natalukjoe 1 13 Last post Today at 01:07:38 PM
The direction the country has taken in the lasy 7 plus years and dont-blameme 3 16 Last post Today at 01:02:53 PM
Does anyone still think 0bama doesn't appoint evil leftists? xwxzy321 1 8 Last post Today at 01:00:36 PM
0bama and the New World Order xwxzy321 6 14 Last post Today at 12:44:50 PM
Democrats blocking 'common sense' fix for Zika «12» xwxzy321 12 27 Last post Today at 12:33:40 PM
Trump Reveals Energy Plan: Rip Up Paris Climate Agreement wvit1001 0 1 Last post Today at 12:13:06 PM
Long Live the Picket Line - wvit1001 0 7 Last post Today at 11:58:48 AM
The Clintons Little Tin Box omiaqt 4 17 Last post Today at 11:51:30 AM
Still think Hillary didn't sell us out? «12» xwxzy321 14 42 Last post Today at 11:50:46 AM
A year without summer... takncarabizniz 4 20 Last post Today at 11:48:07 AM
last generation of economic policies may have been a complete failure wvit1001 0 2 Last post Today at 11:41:42 AM
Louie Gohmert Imagines A Future With Gay Astronauts wvit1001 3 11 Last post Today at 11:31:23 AM
Trump-Fueled Anti-Semitism Is Hitting Jewish Reporters Who Cover Him wvit1001 0 1 Last post Today at 11:27:32 AM
Ex-teacher who says Noah's Ark killed dinosaurs loses election «1234» wvit1001 36 100 Last post Today at 11:04:51 AM
Gibraltar's landmark wave power station opens for business. wvit1001 0 1 Last post Today at 10:51:16 AM
Hillary thought she'd get away with this too xwxzy321 2 12 Last post Today at 10:43:08 AM
Damning Revelations In Wisconsin’s Voter ID Trial wvit1001 0 6 Last post Today at 10:29:11 AM
"It was f---ing ridiculous," said one GOP lawmaker Jw2 11 32 Last post Today at 10:04:13 AM
A. Einstein letter calling the Bible ‘pretty childish’ to be auctioned wvit1001 0 2 Last post Today at 09:54:17 AM
Republicans Claim they are Fiscally Responsible Jw2 1 10 Last post Today at 09:36:54 AM
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