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02 17, 19, 01:25:28:PM

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Democrats Responsible for need of Border Wall.
Republicans don't a Wall, Republicans want a Border.
Democrats don't want a Border. So now we need a Wall.

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 on: 02 16, 19, 09:05:25:PM 
Started by takncarabizniz - Last post by takncarabizniz
on airplanes...


A graduate student...yes, her mama must be so proud...

 on: 02 16, 19, 08:53:17:PM 
Started by WWV10MHZ - Last post by takncarabizniz
Personal attacks as to her attire aside (because I know you understand the reasons for her chosen method of vanity), it's true, she was reading canned statements and doing nothing but attempting to intimidate and antagonize.

I also agree that he did not have to answer her attack questions.  She looked foolish and petty.

 on: 02 16, 19, 08:43:27:PM 
Started by takncarabizniz - Last post by takncarabizniz
wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving on Valentine's day...

Seriously, she's showing all the signs of dementia...

<a href="https://www.youtube.com/v/xzIDBus8l6M" target="_blank">https://www.youtube.com/v/xzIDBus8l6M</a>

 on: 02 16, 19, 08:39:27:PM 
Started by wvit1001 - Last post by chuck_curtis
Congress has authorized a wall and other security measures at the border.   Congress has passed no law forbidding such a wall.  The president has invoked broad, delegated powers to continue the wall’s construction.  Congress’s neglect to grant a more specific, limited authority cannot be read by a court to stop a president from exercising that authority.    It's as simple as that from a legal standpoint.

The number of suspected terrorists and criminals trying to enter the United States is up.  Human trafficking and sexual assault are up.  Asylum seekers are up, even though the great majority are ultimately found not to qualify for asylum, and are straining detention and processing capabilities beyond capacity.

 on: 02 16, 19, 08:37:17:PM 
Started by takncarabizniz - Last post by takncarabizniz
We also need one that says...


 on: 02 16, 19, 08:36:10:PM 
Started by takncarabizniz - Last post by takncarabizniz

 on: 02 16, 19, 08:20:18:PM 
Started by zsq987 - Last post by D2D
Further proof Democrats are determined to protest themselves into the poor house!

 on: 02 16, 19, 08:18:50:PM 
Started by Oscar_LaVista - Last post by D2D
But now you do live and die by her words, Davik!

 on: 02 16, 19, 08:02:27:PM 
Started by Oscar_LaVista - Last post by seahooker
Can you answer my question llj, were you drafted or enlisted? He avoided the draft, in other words dodged, like you, right???

 on: 02 16, 19, 08:01:22:PM 
Started by zsq987 - Last post by wvit1001
Amazon paid no federal taxes on $11.2 billion in profits last year


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