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Democracy Dies without Conservatives to protect it

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 on: Today at 07:33:33 PM 
Started by zsq987 - Last post by zsq987
Airport CLOSED.  Public Transportation CLOSED

Trying to contain Virus.


The Virus:


 on: Today at 07:26:21 PM 
Started by zsq987 - Last post by WWV10MHZ

 on: Today at 07:25:01 PM 
Started by Jw2 - Last post by WWV10MHZ

 on: Today at 07:24:06 PM 
Started by JigSaw-II - Last post by WWV10MHZ

 on: Today at 07:22:13 PM 
Started by JigSaw-II - Last post by WWV10MHZ
McConnell is not intimidated by the Libs/Dems/Homos from the House.

He knows the whole thing is just another extension of the non-stop Witch-Hunting.

He'll end it as soon as he can.

 on: Today at 07:17:32 PM 
Started by Jw2 - Last post by LadyRavensWing
You post nothing but bullshit and lies, sine..

You cannot PROVE the clip is legit...

Nobody believes your bullshit..

Sit Down!

You have been bested again by your betters!



Once Again....

*Ldy R.* 

 on: Today at 07:17:25 PM 
Started by Boddhissatva - Last post by warrenpees

 on: Today at 07:16:48 PM 
Started by Jw2 - Last post by WWV10MHZ
I know a lot of people that are firmly against getting a flu shot.

It seems that most of them don't get the flu, or haven't so far.

That seems a crapshoot to me.

We all get it in our Family since it seems better than taking the risk. Can't remember the last time any of us got the flu.

We get colds & upper respiratory infections just like everyone else, but not the flu.


I can still remember getting a Polio Shot at school.

The Med Folks came in and all the kids lined up in the hallway heading toward the Gym and got the shot with some kind
   of pressure gun.  POW-POW-POW  One right after the other until everyone was done and back to classes. There was
   no Permission Slips or Parental involvement. If you were in school that day, you GOT the shot. Anyone that was absent
   got the shot from the School Nurse when they got back.

I don't know a single person that ever ended up with Polio.

 on: Today at 07:14:33 PM 
Started by Jw2 - Last post by sine-qua-non
I’m not the one saying it isn’t legit you do do bird

It’s you who is saying it is not with no proof you gullible stooge

 on: Today at 07:12:31 PM 
Started by 11191 - Last post by sine-qua-non
Seems after unfounded accusations, all DF like her fellow Commies of the left have is denial

So sad

Two of Sanders operatives have suggested violence if Sanders loses again

It’s just the left snowing their true colors we already know and have seen before

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