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Title: Hannah the Menace
Post by: emilyB on 12 04, 10, 04:43:15:AM
I just don't know how Hannah will react to the Christmas tree and it's going up tomorrow.  She is into everything and I can't leave any trash in containers anywhere in the house as she is into it.  Last night I left the cupboard door under the sink open for one second and she took a dive into the trash can in there.  I had made omelets for dinner and I was scraping crunched up eggshells out of her mouth and she must have managed to let some slip down.   I guess I had better put the ornaments on the tree from the middle on up!   


Title: Re: Hannah the Menace
Post by: takncarabizniz on 12 04, 10, 07:35:26:AM
I love the cartoon!
We once owned a cat Miss Madeline, who loved Christmas...she would sneak the ornaments off the tree in the middle of the night and roll them around until she could knock them against the Fireplace hearth...we'd hear POP several times a night...I learned after the first year to only buy plastic ornaments...LOL
Come to think of it, most of our cats loved Christmas ornaments...hmmmmmmmm
Ozzie snoops, but unless there's food in a package that he can smell, he is pretty well behaved around the tree.  I suggest keeping a soda can with some pennies inside it and the top taped up...When Hannah starts snooping, wildly shake the can near her and give her the NO Hannah command- maybe that will teach her to keep her distance.
Have you thought about a baby gate to keep her out of the kitchen?  We had one for the downstairs powder room where we kept the litter box...the cats could easily scale it, but it kept Ozzie away from the Kitty Roca...

Title: Re: Hannah the Menace
Post by: emilyB on 12 04, 10, 10:28:19:PM
Hubby has promised to build a baby gate but I don't see him in his workshop much since it turned so cold despite the fact that he has a heater down there.  The ones you can buy are too low.  Hannah can jump a 6 foot wall!  The soda can is a good idea but I found out completely by accident that a small plastic spray bottle with water in it and a quick squirt on the nose can work wonders.  I keep it in sight and now all I have to do is threaten her with it.  It has stopped her barking - but I can't keep my eyes on her all the time.  I left my floppy slippers at the bottom of the stairs today because I almost break my neck when I have them on and of course one was missing!  It actually appeared by her toy basket unchewed!  We can't help laughing at her!