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Title: I gotta say...
Post by: takncarabizniz on 09 16, 21, 05:31:46:PM
I'm very glad we have some people in law enforcement who take their jobs very seriously.  We've been working with a local LE financial crimes detective for some months regarding stolen, forged checks from a place we did business with.  It's possible, our inquiries as to why we had not received a proper refund, may have been the catalyst for the business to look into what was going on.

The detective has been so diligent and kept us apprised of the developments.  Found out today they arrested the perp and hopefully they will serve some time.  With so many LE agencies being treated like crap, we know it's because of their dedication that some crimes are not going unchecked. 

Title: Re: I gotta say...
Post by: Ladyelaine on 09 16, 21, 08:29:42:PM
I do hope prosecution of the perps is successful but the only thing they will likely learn from it is how better to avoid getting caught the next time.

Too much of too many kinds of crimes going on these days.  Too may crazies out there wanting to take away means to protect ourselves and to defund law enforcement agencies.  That attitude among the unenlightened is increasing amid a huge decline in protection for everything from our privacy and identity to our physical being. 

Title: Re: I gotta say...
Post by: sunshine on 09 20, 21, 05:18:24:PM
 Thanks taken. ;-). Good to know they are appreciated.