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Title: Before I made You Mind
Post by: emilyB on 10 12, 10, 08:58:35:PM
I got this from a friend today who is in the business of rescuing and fostering abandoned animals.   

"Before I Made You Mine"
You chewed the couch, you tracked in mud
you had "accidents" on the Persian rug.
You were too wild to contain
Just walking you was such a pain
I'd have to lock you in a crate
to keep you from making me go insane.
Once, I tried to train you,
but you were too headstrong.
You wouldn't do what I wanted,
the process took too long.
As soon as I'd come home from work,
you'd pester me to play.
Couldn't you see how tired I was
after working the entire day?
When I'd settle in at night to watch my favorite show
you'd start whining at the door.
Of course, you'd wait till then to go.
Today it's time to say goodbye.
The shelter will find you a home.
You can be your new family's problem,
and my life can be my own.
I feel relief, my stress is gone.
I can go back to having my own time
just like I had six months ago,
before I made you mine.

Title: Re: Before I made You Mind - Part 2
Post by: emilyB on 10 12, 10, 08:59:42:PM
 I don't know what I'm doing here,
this is not where I want to be.
There's strange people and scary dogs..
when are you coming back for me?
I can tell it's getting dark.
I hope they remember my bedtime bone.
And where is the bed you bought me
the day you brought me home?
You seemed so excited and happy then,
I don't know when it all went wrong.
But I wish you'd given me a chance;
six months isn't very long.
You were boring, you were dull,
you had no time to throw the ball.
Yet I loved you anyway-my devotion unconditional.
I wish you knew what you were doing,
I wish you took the time,
to learn what I was all about
before I made you mine.

Jessica Frost

Title: Re: Before I made You Mind
Post by: takncarabizniz on 10 13, 10, 06:40:21:AM
Our little heathen went through 2 homes before he made it here...when I spied him at the shelter, one of the volunteers actually tried to talk us out of taking him because he was "such a problem" and in fact was on his final day before he would have to be put I quietly asked her (after having spent about 20 minutes cuddling and chasing and playing squeeky toy with him), how much were his fees...she told us about $125 including shots and which I replied, well then, why not give me the chance to take him and if he is "such a problem", I will simply return him and you can kill him then...and you'll get to keep my money as is your policy.  I told her he should not be punished for poor ownership...
He has been with us for almost 5 years now and he's been very little problem to us.  He needed training, he needed grooming, he needed companionship and discipline, and we provided it, along with a decent diet (he'd been fed nothing but soft food and his teeth were already rotting out of his head at 1 1/2), and regular vet and grooming care...and now, he's an incredible member of the family...

Title: Re: Before I made You Mind
Post by: emilyB on 10 13, 10, 04:33:26:PM
Ozzie is so lucky that you found him in time.  We knew Hannah was a problem child too, but, as you say, with the right care and training they can be a member of the family with no problems.  All they wanted was a chance!   Good for you and Ozzie.

Title: Re: Before I made You Mind
Post by: takncarabizniz on 10 13, 10, 06:51:22:PM
Thank you emily...and having seen such gorgeous dogs like Edgar and Hannah, I am becoming a huge airedale fan...
I have been with dog rescue before, Tibetan Terriers, but we were never lucky enough to get one...after Ozzie, I don't know, I might be convinced to sign up again...

Title: Re: Before I made You Mind
Post by: emilyB on 10 13, 10, 09:43:34:PM
Takn, if ever you are interested here is the North West Airedale Terrier Rescue site: (
You don't have to sign up and create a password if you want to take a look.  On the left hand column if you click on "Remembrances" and scroll down a few you will see Edgar's Memorial and then if you also go to the column and click under "Happy Tails" you will see Hannah - I think there have been quite a few rescues since we got her.   I love to look at the airedales and read their stories.