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Title: Going to the Vets today
Post by: emilyB on 10 11, 10, 05:13:21:PM
I have to take Hannah to the vet's office this afternoon to have her nails clipped.  The groomer wasn't brave enough to try as Hannah is a 65 pound force to be reckoned with.   They have a couple of guys at the vet's who pack some muscle and they will take her away to have it done so I don't have to see or hear.  The price is $12 if she's good and $18 if she's "difficult".  I guess I'm looking at about $30.00 - what do you bet?  No wonder I can't afford a manicure!!!!  I can't afford to have her skidding and scratching all over the wood floors at home either.   BBL

Title: Re: Going to the Vets today
Post by: takncarabizniz on 10 12, 10, 09:19:58:AM
When we first got Ozzie, he had never been groomed, was just a pile of matted hair and long nails and he was too skittish for his own good.  The first couple of times he was groomed, it was at the Vet, under sedation...I felt so sorry for him...
After about a year of trying to find a good match, we found a groomer who specializes in tiny dogs and whose technique for doing nails involves massage, left him far less anxious after each visit.  Now he goes "gaga" every time he hears it's time to go for a visit to the groomer...
I think the more Hannah gets her nails done, even if it's just a little each time, the more she will calm down let it happen without fear.
Good Luck...

Title: Re: Going to the Vets today
Post by: emilyB on 10 12, 10, 04:47:04:PM
It was a nightmare!  They took Hannah back and I heard her yelp and she was out in 5 minutes wagging her tail.  The vet's tech who did it said that it took 2 to wrestle her to the ground - so of course even though it was done so quick it was $18.00.  However when we got home and she had raced through the house we noticed blood everywhere - on the rugs, up the stairs and on the wood floors.  Her back left paw was bleeding profusely and they had cut the toenail down too much.  We had to cordon her off and then I called the vet and they told me to put flour on it!  We were soaking up paper towel sheets with blood so fast and the flour only made her lick it off.  Then the vet tech told us to get "Quick Stop" - they sell it for $8.00 but were closing in half an hour.  We couldn't get there in time and all they said was "Oh Well".  I was truly ticked off - but we managed to get something similar from a local farm supply store five minutes away.   We finally got it stopped and Hannah slept on her blanket for the rest of the evening - thoroughly worn out.  I felt so bad for her.
That massage tip sounds good and if it worked for Ozzie maybe we could find someone who would do it for Hannah.   Edgar was never a problem as he was so mellow but Hannah is a ball of energy and it takes her a while to trust someone new.