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Title: IMHA, four letters you never want to hear
Post by: takncarabizniz on 11 24, 20, 09:16:24:PM
Currently battling this immuno-mediated hemolytic anemia with the dog.

Nearly lost him last Tuesday, but after 3 days in the hospital, a blood tranfusion, transfusion reaction, a chemical cocktail, and thinking we were going to be making arrangements for final moments, this little guy is proving he's a fighter.
We brought him home Friday night after work, simply so he wouldn't be alone.  Now, he's back to eating, though he has peed his way throughout the entire house multiple times, and looking like he is on the road back.  We find out Saturday if his blood cells are regenerating at an acceptable pace.

Not out of the woods, but if you ever read up on this ailment, it would scare the crap out of ya...

Keep Mr. Rowan in your positive thoughts and prayers please...

Title: Re: IMHA, four letters you never want to hear
Post by: takncarabizniz on 11 29, 20, 03:21:44:AM
10 days after his first diagnosis, we are on the road to recovery!  The fact that it was caught early and he has responded well to treatment, means we could actually see remission and a light maintenance regime.  He will have lifelong blood draws and liver checks, but at this point, we're just so thankful for his change in outcome.

I would not wish this disease on any pet, but apparently, it's more common that I ever could have imagined.  It is devastating to watch a dog who could outrun a cheetah suddenly collapse and lay in a catatonic state for 10 or more minutes, then not be able to get enough breath to walk across a room.  We have a couple more weeks of the hard drugs, then the vet will turn his care over to the internal medicine department and we'll start working toward the maintenance regime. 

When I let the kids know, they were ecstatic!  The boys were hooping and hollering.

Title: Re: IMHA, four letters you never want to hear-update
Post by: takncarabizniz on 02 24, 21, 05:15:12:PM
The dogs who suffer from this disease are referred to as warriors...and battle they must.  Through all the ups and downs, Rowan's "pouty face" never waivered, we knew there were really good days, and really bad days...but he's been patient and good through it all.  Bloodwork every 2 weeks, nasty medicines, long fasts for testing, the vomiting, diarrhea, and unending thirst caused by the meds. 

Now, just 3 months later, he is off the high dose prednisone, completely, and is down to just one cyclosporine every other day.  He initially lost over 6lbs, but due to the ravenous appetite caused by the meds, he gained about 12 lbs and is now on a lowfat diet to help his liver and pancreas...and has lost 2 lbs, he could lose more, but we have to be careful with vigorous activity still. 

He is now considered a survivor and will have to wear a medical alert tag for life.  We even had special ID tags made that stick on his harness to warn people and hopefully help them understand he can't be petted or interact with other dogs. 

It's been quite a journey and we are thankful for every day.  Other warriors have gone on to live an additional 5 to 10 years, so we are always looking forward and keeping happy thoughts.

Today, color me happy...