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Title: Windows 10 2004 flaw fix on the way!
Post by: D2D on 08 29, 20, 08:21:23:PM
When Microsoft introduced Windows 10 2004 earlier this year, it shipped an errata that may have shortened your SSD’s longevity depending on how often you reboot your machine. The good news is that a fix is on the way and that the problem shouldn’t have caused too many problems between now and when the update dropped, unless you reboot your PC (and pollute your SSD) much, much more than your typical Windows user.
First, here’s the description of the bug itself: Windows 10 2004 shipped with a problem in which the system stopped recording the time since the SSD had last been defragged. Reboot your machine, and the OS forgets how long it’s been and will promptly launch defrag attempts again. This has been treated as potentially causing damage to a solid state drive, and I’m not going to claim it couldn’t, but the chance of this causing meaningful problems is unlikely. Here’s why: While it’s true that defragging an SSD every time you reboot isn’t great for it, SSDs are just like hard drives in one regard: The more often you defrag them, the less work each individual defrag session has to do.